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The Only Spiritualist This is the best spiritual read...I have seen in living life, I always thought,...Spirits lived in heaven,
I would first like to say that I Believe in honest cause and effect in all phases of my life, and practice spirituality on a "cosmic strangeness" as well as an everyday level right down to regular meditation and prayer times. Also, when I walk a couple of miles almost every day to vol...
It is a funny, yet serious thing when this happens: Family and friends seem to start dwindling or dying off as you get older. So, I say this, getting right into it: Get closer to your spiritual matters, you are going to be seeing a lot of spirituality as you get older, if you know or ...
Just as we need to nourish our bodies with good food, so do we also need to be nourished in spirit. We all need to feel uplifted and in turn we need to uplift.
Spiritual practices can magically improve our mental health. The article explains the connection between spirituality and mental health.
Grace is commonly misunderstood. It is available every moment and everywhere, and is manifest all the time, if only we could awaken to it. It is more common than one might think.
There are many apparent opposites and contradictions in life and in living. Yet, if we were but to look deeper, these contradictions are not only immediately dissolved, but the dissolution results in new understanding that is at the same time, sweet, beautiful, and profound.
This is to direct and guide you to a place where to find courage.
Man is capable of destroying in a moment, what has taken years or eons to create. Does he have the right to destroy? What are the consequences?
There is much to be learned from observing nature, that we can beneficially implement in our lives.
We are conditioned to constantly create veils and walls, that then prevent us from seeing god's presence here and now.
Nature is abundantly and continually setting examples for humans, offering lessons on humility, love, selflessness, & self-sacrifice, and we could certainly see that all the time if we were open-minded and receptive to it.
When we use our conditioned mind to give, what we give may not be what others need. When we learn to give from the stillness of the mind, what we give is always of use and comfort to others.
A life of purpose should include giving, serving, prayer and love. The experience of unconditional, true love does not come easy. Giving, serving, and prayer can lead us to true love.
There is charm in the eternal cycle of birth and death, when we place ourselves in the capable hands of a master. The surrender enables progress in terms of evolution from student to master.
A spiritual and metaphorical description of the descent of god and ascent of man.
When we dwell our mind on Him and His ways, we can take delight in all His plays.
The most important secret in life is one for which, to find it, a search is futile.
We are quick, and perhaps mechanical, in letting the words and behavior of others affect our state of well being. These few lines provide an approach one could possibly use to preserve peace and equanimity within oneself.
In the course of evolution, we humans have sometimes lost our way. We need to take a deeper and closer look at our thinking, attitude, behavior and lifestyle.
The poem describes the importance of having clarity with respect to setting a goal, knowing the purpose, and the means of attaining the goal.
We often feel hurt from what others say about us. This poem is intended to deepen our understanding of the situation, and offers insight into a solution for the problem.
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The light snow, predicted for Bedford, is now turning into a mini blizzard. Eric will have to stop over at a motel somewhere; he has enough fuel to get to the Bedford Motel where he is heading for, strangely though, The further he drives, the heavier the snow seems to be falling. He w...
This is where i've come, so far, on my journey towards understanding Self/Others/Consciouness. It is the first inkling of a book I will be putting together.
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