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On Wednesday, August 26, 2015, I was invited to be a featured performer at the Rimes of the Ancient Mariner Event at the Three-Of-Cups Restaurant in the East Village of Manhattan. Here is my account.
Four Romantic Poems : Short Poetic Bliss On A Week Night To Be Read Anytime. I begin with a historical glimpse of the rose as a lover's offering.
The problems with our Lawmakers. They are the true heartbreakers, making promises that they don't keep. I little inspiration from within can hopefully guide them down the right path,
This is one of the First pieces of conversymmetry/poetry that I did onstage.
This is a piece that was a Spoken Word Poem set I hope you enjoy my Coversation with God through verse.
Cool off with a story about the Sea. It's really about getting our feet wet and enjoying life, knowing that, like the sea, we can be knocked down, but there is always a way to get back up.
Political poems/rhymes that touch and social issues intertwined with thought provoking questions
Giving you Life in the pleasant form of Poetry. Poems by Poetically Divine
Words both written and spoken have great power. While the written word can be deleted or edited, the spoken word, if it is wrong, can cause unbearable pain.
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