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Seasonal poem for Hallowe'en. Silly and frivolous.
Having travelled across many parts of this globe and have seen some interesting homes and each home normally has a person that belongs with it, and that may explain why during the course of our lives we move several times. Generally we move out of our parent's home and into our own pl...
Paranormal enthusiasts will enjoy ghost hunting while spelunking in the only all water cavern and wildlife park in the United States.The entrance to the cavern is a 75-feet deep sinkhole that immediately welcomes you into something amazing. Sightings from unsuspecting tourists over th...
Experienced ghost hunters including the Southeast Idaho Paranormal Organization have checked into the hotel in an effort to establish if there is in fact any truth behind the almost 100 year old legend that the hotel is haunted by several entities that simply refuse to leave, and have...
Christmas tours in Bethlehem are one of the reasons that so many people visit the city each year. From shopping and history to holiday events and ghosts, there is never a shortage of things to do and see, but with the popularity of paranormal tourism growing in recent years due to the...
Get ready to get spooked, as we examine the most scariest question of all times, about the very existence of the paranormal orbs. Yes, its time we face it. Do they exist or is it just our imagination? Read on...and get intrigued.
If you love birds and want to attract them to your yard or garden, then you should try to plant the trees that they are attracted to.
Spooky poems for Hallloween fun. Nothing here that should be taken seriously, but there is quite a lot of clever rhyming and one insane spoof of the Scottish poet William Topaz McGonagall (reputedly the worst English language poet ever published)
Discover the beautiful orphanage of Addieville, Illinois and the horrible tragedy that occurred within its walls.
As things get colder, and we draw closer to Halloween, I’ll be doing a series of spotlights detailing some of the creepier things in our world. Some of them might be a myth, but some of them might actually be real. Here’s a creepy character, the Slenderman. Is he real? You decide.
A short story that gives out sounds, smells, noises and more. Hope you enjoy it.
Written in story format. This is just a whimsical, fun, light hearted poem about Halloween; How one may view it.
How can you be sure your house is haunted? You may hear knocks in the night and see mists float from room to room, but there are a few vital signs to identify before you call the exorcist. This article describes how to accurately gauge if your house is being haunted by otherworldly sp...
Recent science has revealed that much of the paranormal activity we experience can be explained by infrasound: sound waves which operate at a frequency below that which we can hear, which has alarming effects on our bodies. But what is the evidence, and can infrasound truly account fo...
This is a list of the best Stephen King books he has written so far in his brilliant career.
This is a list of the top ten best Stephen King movies based off of his books. Be sure to check each one if you are a fan of SK.
This is a list of the some of the best haunted and spookiest places to see in the state of Pennsylvania. Bring your diaper when you go to these spots because you will need it!
Is Paranormal Activity one of the scariest films of all time, or is it all hype?
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