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Like humans, animals lend themselves to aggression but only in matters of self-defense or self-preservation. This natural instinct in the latter is induced and stoked by the former in the arena of spectator sport. - Jamie
Domestication of animals, in hindsight, is more a curse than a blessing. It is where they do not want to be instead of their natural habitat that is the main cause of their grief and suffering! - Jamie
Sports and No Sports of people ,Life in the last ten years,True and cruel! This is the last decade in two kinds of life. Are you the left or the right ?
Even though no one can deny that they are one of the greatest teams in the history of the NBA, the grim truth is that the LA Lakers are going through a rough patch lately. The most curious issue is that even with their huge fan base, resources, infrastructure, and players that this te...
I love this quote from Casey Stengel "The key to being a good manager is keeping the people who hate you away from those who are still undecided"
The sport of golf has had a few influential players. Great players that have set records in the game, or further enhanced golf in some way on or off the golf course. Here are a few of the most influential golf players.
The game of soccer, or football, is a great team sport. Different teams take different approaches to playing the game, but there are a few key points worth noting.
The origins of soccer, or football as it is beyond the US, can be traced back to England in the 19th century. Although the US have their own name for the sport, soccer is an English sport and England is considered to be the 'home of football' that has since become established as one o...
Golf is a great English sport, and there have been some great English golfers. These golfers have been comparable to some of the best American golfers, and won a number of PGA golf championships. Here are a few of these great English golfers.
The British Open golf championships is one of the four major golf championships. The others are the Masters, U.S. Open and PGA Championship which are played in the United States. The golf championship predates those championships, and for many is the most exciting championship on the ...
This article includes a brief overview of California sport icons.
This poem is about Jessica Ennis an unassuming young lady from my home City of Sheffield, who won what is considered to be the "Blue Ribbon" event of ladies athletics. Another comment and congratulations to Jess (now Jessica Ennis-Hill). Firstly all on her marriage and the birth of he...
Argentine discussed woth Mbiwa, but scores six minutes after and helps Barça to win the title.
Though cricket may be the officially the most popular game in India, unofficially cheating is the national sport in the country and only cheaters are allowed to flourish by the all powerful intelligence agencies
Let yourself to be everything you can be , Remember to be happy
Cleveland Browns second year quarterback Johnny Manziel has shown improvement as a quarterback during the Browns three day training session. Manziel will be the second string quarterback behind starter Josh McCown in 2015.
It is possible that fourth year Miami Dolphins wide receiver Rishard Williams will not be the roster of the football team by the start of the 2015 football team since he wants to be traded to another team.
Tamim Iqbal, the Bangladeshi best cricket opener, is having a legendary performance in One day and Test matches against Pakistan.
Lucky 15 consists of 15 different kinds of bets involving 4 selections in different events. The bet includes 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 fourfold.
Like any sport, table tennis is all in the mind. Some tips...
all we know what sport will change in our life ,do do we practice .
To be a serious game where you play well and without thinking that someone like him will bring team that never relies will be, that to be sure you do not have to go in one ear.
Sport is not only stabilizing sugar level for people with diabetes but also cure the disease.
This is just a silly little love poem for my wife...I hope you too will like it.
A tragedy should not have to end with sadness but a tragedy it would be something that makes anyone look will definitely laugh because humor of the incident. It could be happen anywhere and at any time, and this time I tried to share an amusing incident in a sporting event that is in ...
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