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From banks to sports, chatbots continue to add a major impact with benefits for both the business and its customers, as well as the environment. Check out which bots are new to the scene as summer hots up.
If the promises for good health and beautiful body didn’t make you more aware to your way of nutrition and sport, maybe the perspective of having more energy for a more satisfying life will do it instead! (the good part of this new perspective is that it does not require drastic ch...
Not every team is like the Manchester United, Los Angeles Lakers, New England Patriots, or the New York Yankees. These teams have solid fans that flock to every game to watch the teams play. Whether the teams are winning or losing, their loyal fans are still there to support these tea...
All News about the USA :,Trump,stars,sport,problems sociaux,
Talking about my favorite American Football Team (Oakland Raiders)
Sports Benefits included all aspects of human beings, they are useful at all levels, a health and physical benefits and it has psychological benefits, and can not lose sight of the benefits to the level of mental as well as social and moral. It is worth mentioning that all these aspec...
This is an article about betting the over & under in sports gambling
Playing for the love of the game and not because of how much money is paid was the norm in professional sports of years ago.
"You can't wear shirts like that. It shows your (fat) stomache too much!" This is Petros' first words to me as I arrive at the breakfast table, all dressed up and ready for our day trip to Bloemfontein.
Marzeus cannot believe it - he's only been playing for thirty seconds, and already he can barely breathe! The same goes for Father however. "Let's play only up to three goals", suggests Marzeus. "Let's make that five", says Father.
Going green is not just something for the heavy manufacturing industries, as professional sports in the United States and beyond have also began to introduce greener policies for their sports. Sports such as baseball, F1, the National Football League and soccer have all began to adopt...
This page describes about a sport called Cricket. It provides information about the history of cricket. It tells the format of game and its rules. It also provides details about world's greatest player and teams.
Increase the efficiency of your motorcycle this summer: things to consider when taking your bike for a spin on the open road this summer.
A man with great results has been knocked off his post because of misconduct.
I enter Junior High and find that things are changing fast. I take an interest in girls.
The New York Yankees who are currently in first place in the American League East division have activated their outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury from the disabled list on Wednesday. Ellsbury had been in a rehabilitation assignment with the Tampa Bay Yankees which is the High Class A minor l...
What did people do in the past to get information and entertainment before television was invented?
The Atlanta Braves on Sunday have signed left handed relief pitcher Dana Eveland to a minor league contract since they are in desperate need of relief pitchers on their baseball right now. Eveland will be reporting to the Gwinnett Braves on Monday.
Cleveland Cavaliers have announced on Friday that guard Kyrie Irving has suffered a broken knee cap in his left leg that placed him on the shelf for the remainder of the 2015 National Basketball Associations Finals. Cavaliers guard Matthew Delladedova will replace Irving on the starti...
Baseball used to be called America's game ever since I can remember but lately it appears that Football has now become America's game. So which is it?
Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love who will become a free agent this summer plans to return to play basketball for the Cavaliers next season despite rumors that he will be playing basketball for another team that will pay him his market value that can command as a free agent.
Short on writing ideas, I often use writing prompts to get the mind flowing. The story herein is one such story. The writing prompts gave a list of five words that must be used in your story. In this case, I had to use the words: handkerchief, pocket, unhinged, hockey puck and coach. ...
Baltimore Orioles outfielder Alejandro De Aza was designated for assignment on Wednesday by the Orioles. The Orioles have ten days to waive, release or trade the 31 year outfielder who should land of his feet with another team in the Major Leagues since a change of teams will give him...
Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Jean Segura who has been on the disabled list since May 14 due to a broken right pinkie finger will not be going to a rehabilitation assignment this week. The Brewers will activate Segura to their 25 man roster on Friday.
Former New York Knicks and Houston Rockets head coach Jeff Van Gundy is a candidate to succeed Monty Williams as the next coach of the New Orleans Pelicans basketball team. Van Gundy is currently employed as a color commentator of NBA basketball games for ESPN.
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