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Spreading Wings..If one is constant in love mind and poetry does not let others down he/she alone spreads his or her wings ...Now read this don't abandon ship others may be worse.
The Brihadeeswara temple built by Rajaraja Chola Ist in Thanjavur, is very famous one.
Gun has become a funny game today. Millions of children have written letters to Santa to bring them guns as gifts. Today, the whole world is shocked at the killing of twenty children and six adults in a shooting attack at a primary school in the US. Gun shooting killings are reported ...
Don't Spread, Is a common pnenomenon for all kinds of human beings, that we all are.
The changes that occur over time, though expected sometimes there is no adequate preparation.
Rumours have the ability, to cause damage to one reputation, family life and even profession,
A firefighter that works for Mobile fire rescue department has many duties every time he or she reports for duty for their 24 hour work shift. Rescue and extrication is two of the many duties a firefighter performs including cleaning the inside of the fire station such as sweeping, mo...
Getting rid of a large pimple can be done a lot of ways, but there is only one right way.
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