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A poem about the power of spring and the joy it brings
I have decided to changed some small neaunces to my poetry. Hope you enjoy the changes/
Spring is synonymous with new life and what better time than springtime to shed the old ways and live anew.
It is always at this time of year, after months and months of cold, when I find myself in disbelief of springs fair arrival.
I have a very old book, a paper-back. I used to carry it in my back pocket. Its pages have yellowed and cracked, but still the words come clear in the reading to call out through the thoughts I lay down for you today as they did for me last night. For this is my dream.
A poem on spring and the joys and smiles it brings.
For me this is a time of year for reflection, a time for remembering and celebrating the year in its passing.
As winter knocks on our doors my heart returns to spring and the garden I love so dearly.
A poem describing springtime.The last part is about the free sunlight of spring that we enjoy.Since spring month is a taxpaying month,hence the word "tax" is included in the poem.
Canadian Spring..We all love spring soon after the snow has made one cold So someone asked me to a poetry on Spring compose.Here tis
Spring came and went.This poem speaks all about a life of one any one as is in today's world all are self interested
A spring storm reminds me of another time when thunder and lightning was nothing more than bowling pins and bowling balls.
Now us Brits can be a funny lot, but when Spring has sprung and birds are all a-tweeting..we like nothing more than going for a ramble..unless it's minus 5 outside..! A tongue in cheek rant by Songbird B..
Today has been a beautiful sunny day - still cold from the last chill of fading winter - but full of hope from the coming Spring ....
It's the start of spring and some hardy flowers make their way through frost covered carpets. The leaves on trees begin to bud but it is still very cold.
A tired man sleeps in the rich grass of a glade in a wood. Rain fall and wakes him, he stands under an oak tree watching all.
Having trouble getting of to sleep thoughts buzz around my old head. I begin to think about the seasons and wonder has spring sprung.
Invisible sits on a bench and is deep in a daydream until he is told to move on.
It,s about beauty in our woods, meadows. And their relationship with each other.
It's a poem looking to the past about the early spring flowers.
This poem is about natural beauty and how we lived in so long ago.
About an old man trying to get a message to himself when he was a young boy.
It's about an old man who tries to get a message to himself when he was a boy. The poem is set in a meadow in the spring and nature looks after the boy.
A poem about expecting a spring snow storm after a very warm spell.
I wrote this poem as I watched the spring days grow cooler and cooler and, finally, downright cold!
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