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The Only Spiritualist This is the best spiritual read...I have seen in living life, I always thought,...Spirits lived in heaven,
The sun came out today, and the wind has dropped. Do we dare to hope that Spring has come? Read on to find out more
Even though you might not think it matters, seasons can have an impact on how much you sell your home for or how much you buy it for. Seasons really do influence the prices even as much as 10%. Knowing the best time to sell your home can increase the sale price of your home and take t...
The best part of cold weather is the warm of Spring that follows.
Bobby Bear takes a walk with his friends, but Bobby Bear has a problem. Find out what the problem his and who helps him with his problem.
I have decided to changed some small neaunces to my poetry. Hope you enjoy the changes/
Let yourself to be everything you can be , Remember to be happy
Time moves slowly in Maine. The raw beauty of mid-coast Maine is a reminder of it's rich and rustic history.
Max and Danielle were torn apart by war. Destiny brought them back together again. Their love will last an eternity.
It is spring. The king of weeds – dandelion – has sprung from the earth and can be seen everywhere. Ayurveda hails dandelion, the herb that shoots up everywhere in the world, as the king of herbs. It is really the king of herbs!
Spring is synonymous with new life and what better time than springtime to shed the old ways and live anew.
After the gloomy and dark season of winter the season of spring arrives with more shining and warmth of the sun. Nature returns in joy. Birds come back from their migration. It is also a season of return for humans – to return to God.
Zoey the dragon is busy planning her day. She has her heart set on meeting the new neighbors. They moved into into the old stone house yesterday. Mom thinks the house is haunted because creepy things happen there. She asked Zoey to stay away from the house but Zoey is determined. ...
Max is waiting for his friend Randal's brother-in-law to contact him. He is going to arrange for Bobby to see his mom at the army hospital. Spring has arrived with warmer temperatures. The sun is shining and a truce has been signed. Life is improving for everyone.
Randal's brother-in-law James has agreed to help Bobby get to the Army Hospital to visit his mom. He's asked for a few days to come up with a feasible plan. James wants everything to go smoothly.
Whether practising Catholics or not, such traditions are part of the Christian community worldwide and are worth keeping.
The spring has come. It is the season of beginning a new life. It is the revival of nature. Nature wakes up from her winter sleep. The earth is filled with joy and hope.
A new day is dawning and Max hopes to get some answers about Bobby. Miss Renee is afraid of what they shall find but Max is continuing his own investigation.
I'm not easily stunned or flabbergasted by a movie. But this one did. A subtle mixture of romance,SF and horror with a blast of an ending ... Highly recommended, even for non-horror fans
Quick tips to improve your vegetable and flower gardens throughout the spring and summer seasons.
This is a poem about the seasons, and man, and the ways of life and time. A poem about tomorrow and as we all know...Tomorrow never comes.
“Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” -J.R.R Tolkien This is a poem inspired, to keep our dreams safe from the stour, let tranquility seep into the stirrings of our hopes.
Read to know how to make this delicious and traditional sweet at Easter.
I know, I have been gone for so long, but at last the computer if fixed so I thought I would test it out on this old poem about spring and the hidden things. I do hope you enjoy it and that all is well with you and yours.
Blazer is going to learn how to play Baseball from his best friend Benny
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