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A poem about the power of spring and the joy it brings
I have decided to changed some small neaunces to my poetry. Hope you enjoy the changes/
Spring is synonymous with new life and what better time than springtime to shed the old ways and live anew.
I know, I have been gone for so long, but at last the computer if fixed so I thought I would test it out on this old poem about spring and the hidden things. I do hope you enjoy it and that all is well with you and yours.
It is always at this time of year, after months and months of cold, when I find myself in disbelief of springs fair arrival.
The long winter wasn´t gone forever, but at least, life gave them a wonderful chance to heal their old wounds
The spring was finally here, giving new life to those little things and souls dried by a very long and cold winter.
A poem on spring and the joys and smiles it brings.
For me this is a time of year for reflection, a time for remembering and celebrating the year in its passing.
As winter knocks on our doors my heart returns to spring and the garden I love so dearly.
Canadian Spring..We all love spring soon after the snow has made one cold So someone asked me to a poetry on Spring compose.Here tis
The image is public domain and the text is never before published.
While snow is lovely in early winter when everything Is covered in glistening white, I wrote "Harsh Snow Day" after record snowfalls and frigid temperatures hit the northeastern part of the United States. I could not help but wonder how other people were coping with the snow and frigi...
This is written to celebrate the day of 2/2 my sister's birthday and also the coming of springtime with all the newness and beauty of Nature and birth...enjoy for this day only cometh once a year....
melodies and dances invite the reawakening... virgin sentiments expressed in the wind...
Spring came and went.This poem speaks all about a life of one any one as is in today's world all are self interested
Images of love and loves lost fill the mind in this ode to spring.
Springtime is one of my four favorite seasons in the mountains...
Today has been a beautiful sunny day - still cold from the last chill of fading winter - but full of hope from the coming Spring ....
Well Easter is almost upon us, and straying from the more usual religious connotations around this Easter period, I researched into the pagan past of this event, and one of the wonderful myths that surround the legend of the Easter Bunny and all those coloured eggs...
The reason that Easter time is the best time of year for me is because that is the time when Jesus gave His life to save the human race from destruction and eternal death.
It's the start of spring and some hardy flowers make their way through frost covered carpets. The leaves on trees begin to bud but it is still very cold.
A tired man sleeps in the rich grass of a glade in a wood. Rain fall and wakes him, he stands under an oak tree watching all.
Having trouble getting of to sleep thoughts buzz around my old head. I begin to think about the seasons and wonder has spring sprung.
As we come to the end of yet another year, I give you a poem of change
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