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With nearly 4 billion users across the globe, SMS messaging is the most widely used mode of communication in the world. Every year better and better smartphones come out in the market, this has ensured that texting is no longer a boring task.
We strive for the best - that’s human nature. We are constantly aiming perfection and want the best value for our money. When it comes to logging calls of your kids or employees, why should that be any different?
Mobile GPS tracking is on a surge, and because there are so many apps available nowadays, it’s hard to find one that perfectly suits your monitoring needs. In this post, you will get a walk through of the world’s most reliable location tracking app, i.e. XNSPY.
How to spot members of foreign espionage agencies without difficulty
Both France and Canada are instituting legislation that will legalize mass surveillance of their citizens.This is being sold as a necessary step in order to combat terrorism, but it is more likely that it is the excuse used to justify government spying on everybody.
Felipe and Mona's thoughts turn to the fact that this may be their last year in Southern Arm.
The U.S. government's spying on its own citizens has reached epic proportions, as journalist Glenn Greenwald reported today. It has targeted prominent, law-abiding Muslim-Americans in an Orwellian over-reach that should concern us all.
This will be an informative piece through my personal experience with friends, relatives and myself on spying on your partner. It will seem as if by spying it would all be positive for you will either get information for staying or leaving the relationship. Along with spying you can h...
Zuckerberg and Obama "had an honest discussion about government infringing on the Internet," says Facebook - just a few days after the CEO wrote an indignant statement on his Facebook page.
Thankfully, although most politicians in Washington are in lock step behind the administration in its zeal to punish Edward Snowden as a criminal, traitor and spy, there are at least a few who understand who the real criminals are.
Frank Church warned us about the dangers of the NSA's spying capabilities forty years ago, but nobody listened.
Zane has his schedule clear and picks up supplies for his reunion with Matt and Jimmy. Please read "Important note to readers and followers" at the end of this chapter. Thank you all! Only the best, Dan
Zane and Lance finally had all their ducks in a row! Time to make it happen...the next step. Now what? Unexpected time off? Does everything really happen for a reason?
Max meets his contact and receives his orders. Baby siting?
Manatee mishap! Tina & Stella find the dangers of a Manatee!
Meet "Max" as he get assigned. Tina & Stella work to secure the Walrus...I mean Manatee.
Girl's day! Tina and Stella try relaxing by the pool to recover from a night of over indulgence. Some things come up..Some things go down. Literally! Sometimes a plan doesn't necessarily come together!
Zane contemplates Matt & Jimmy's arrival. Meanwhile, at the lab...their on a roll.
Zane's haunting continues and evolves.The government makes some changes that he doesn't even realize will affect him and the project.
Lance and Zane and the lab are on a roll! Its time to start crankin!
Touchdown in Colorado. Meet Lance, Zane's assistant and partner in crime as they head to the lab.
And so it begins.. One of the largest obstacles to diagnosis psychiatrists’ face is the first phase interview. These often find some of the keys to proper diagnosis and the right treatment. What if a doctor could just go into someone’s mind and listen to what is going on? Our mai...
Zane's mind is racing. Their getting close to being ready for the next step. Its time to really start moving.
Chapter 3 The start of a new day and Its time to head off to work. One for the road?
Chapter 2: Zane & Tina Some back story on Zane & Tina.
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