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Without a plan, other people must clean up after you when you die. This last act of selfishness adds anger and disappointment to already grieving families.
eHarmony is a dating site you may have seen advertised on the television and I am happy to say that I personally have a success story to share from it.
This article is about the stages of our life. Everyone must read this to know about the stages in our life.
Erik Erikson's 8 stages of phycological human developement.
Love is not like just driving a vehicle. It is not always commitment and happiness. You need to live with another dynamic phenomenon that grows with time. You need to give your relation some attention to nurture it further.
It is the same initial feeling of lust or romantic or solely physical attraction involved when falling in love. More of emotional deeper attachment sprouts u while falling in love. Love is not about luck or unconditional acceptance. I have my telltale signs for healthy love life. T...
Apart from the usual diagnosis of three stages with their characteristics, doctors diagnose depending upon the symptoms and severity of cases. He or she may use six or seven levels to comprehend the case and give treatment accordingly. It is very rare to see people who live 20 years f...
There are many methods for the degeneration of brain and nervous system. Progression rate at which disease spreads is different. The phases such as cognitive, physical and function overlap many times though diagnosis is common like below:
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