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I tell what it's like to go with little food to pay a bill or have gas in the car to look for a new job.
three years of adventure,fun,hangovers,insanity...basically a world of its own which now comes to an end !!!
How fortunate we are to enjoy a good Christmas whilst even nearby someone cannot.
A cricket did nothing but sing througout the warm summer days. When winter arrived he realized he was too busy singing to store food for the winter. Getting desperate he asked his Uncle to help him thru the lon winter months. His uncle refused to help and the cricket soon realized tha...
The brand-name producers know that they can increase their business by building up interest in certain games.
The nonsense of "Infadel Food" is turning starvation in Somalia into a disaster of epic proportions. Donations that are made by hundreds of thousands, including Somali Muslims, are not relieving the starvation in that country and corruption is clearly to blame for the continued humani...
In Japan Fukushima nuclear power plant accident. Farms in the range of 10 kilometers from nuclear power plants. Many animal have been left like cattle,cat, and dog Many animal are dying from starvation.
Find out what to do in case of being trap alone in the middle of the desert or sinking ship without any food. The following techniques could help you live longer and avoid being victim of starvation.
Hunger is an instinct. It is a powerful instinct that it can catapult man to any action of rage to satiate his hunger. It is a nature’s physical cue to get energy for survival. But sometimes it can make you eat more than what you need and create problems.
That tomato squirted onto a couple of the other party goers and eventually it ended up in a situation where it was a free for all.
The rapid decline of my father's health, two weeks before his death, left me with these disturbing images.
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