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Even if you haven’t heard of the woozle effect, you have certainly heard examples of it.
As entitled women protested their “oppression” in Central London, men of humble stock ensured their event and their lives ran smoothly.
This is a list of home accidents I can think of, but you can, perhaps, add few more that I had missed out.
Range and Interquartile Range are some of the most useful tools for compiling statistical analysis.
In order to have proper statistics on a subject, the method of data collection is most important.
Before getting started in the exciting world of Statistics, there are a few terms that you must understand.
Statistics is used throughout the modern world. However, if the data is not collected properly, the results will be inaccurate.
Statistics is full of terms and formulas, but three make up the backbone. They are Mean, Median, and Mode.
Now that you have the data, what are you going to do with it? The first step is knowing how to add the variables.
A Scale that has a Definitive Starting Point of Zero. This is one of the key building blocks of understanding Statistical formulas.
this page has a presentation of the statistics of HIV/AIDS, the truth is that it is a disease that is wide spread and the recorded figures are only what is known, there is a lot to be done to come up with an exact figure of the people who are infected with the disease.
It is said that you should celebrate every milestone you reach and with each milestone there are always lessons to be learned and as always (in my mind at least) lessons learned are best shared with others that will listen. Of course writing is about sharing knowledge and there is eve...
this page presents a brief statistic of the anxiety case in people, we have so many cases of anxiety that have not been diagnosed
An opinion piece on why it is okay to hold Derek Jeter up as a role model for kids.
People love to quote statistical evidence as a proof that their argument is true or valid, yet statistics can be misquoted and misunderstood so easily. The statistical train is in motion, but what do we really know about the results they can provide? Take any two people with an agenda...
Any woman at any time can become instantly placed in a life-threatening situation. Reporting a violent act is embarrassing, but it is essential in stopping the perpetrator from committing further acts of violence against women.
Something needs to be done about the "View your payments" page. Otherwise, people will be really confused about it.
Gambling has long been held as a societal evil, breaking up families, forcing people to lose their jobs, so much so that it falls under the authoritative arm of the government. However, we gamble every day, not necessarily with money, and teaching children to learn about risk will ac...
Meta-analysis is an important statistical tool, here is an overview of how meta-analysis works
What can be the reason for the end of the world? Is it an alien attack or a war of transformers? Or is it something more realistic like a struggle of our own kind. The most evident reason of now for the depletion of the world seems to be population explosion. It is this potential drea...
A paper I wrote on the societal ramifications and debate of Capital Punishment.
Whew! It's been a journey, and I'm nowhere near the finish line. Twenty-five Wikinut articles in less than 25 days. So far I've made less than 25 cents (American), but I've gained over 2500 page views and am working my way towards 25 new Wikifriends.
The Super Bowl statistics such as the biggest losers, biggest winners, highest point spread, highest points per game, most wins, most appearances, are fun to play around with and can suggest great trivia questions. By using some great statistical tables from which interesting facts c...
Since the shootings in the High School in Newtown there has been much discussion by pro and anti gun supporters. Emotions run high, but very few facts and figures enter the discussion, here are a few to ponder.
I have never been interested in politics before but thanks to the American presidential debates and campaigns. I now engage my analytical senses to observe, analyze and criticize these two highly qualified individuals. I get disappointed though when the candidates lose their mannerism...
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