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An article about safe and enjoyable travel to Tadoba Tiger Reserve for a safari.
An page about Jabalpur and accommodation available for a stay. Discover some tips for making your visit a success.
Wishing for something that's in hands reach but can't grab it
Mostly what we feared to do is something we ought to do.
Rebounding into a relationship is not the best cure for a heartache. In fact, it makes your heart ache just that little bit more. You can also end up meeting a heartbreaker. What rebounding does allow, is, it enables you to forge and coincide new relationships. For better or for wors...
I was the victim of a tease. My own fault for wearing my heart on my sleeve.
Kids do not find it easy to stay away from parents anytime as they need their parents around them all the time to attend to their daily needs and the need to be loved by their parents at their tender age, though one can stay away from parents in certain circumstances without much diff...
It is interesting the different types of reactions that people do when they encounter a disabled person. To the disabled person the reaction can be either amusing or annoying.
If you loved me and wanted me to stay Why did you want me to go away? I loved you with all my heart Right from the start
Fate stay night is an anime full of magic and magician. Two centuries ago the seven sorcerers from different place gathered and together they start fighting for a Holy Grail.
A poem about a golden carp that was stolen from my garden pond yesterday. All my family are of course a little upset.
Tips for gardeners on how to keep deer out of a garden. Ways to stop deer from eating your flowers, plants, and vegetables.
This poem is the outcome of my childhood experience. I was born and brought up in a village called Choutkur in Medak District of Andhra Pradesh. Once I walked down across the vast paddy fields to meet my father who went to a village about 22 km away. I was only 12 years then and I re...
New born perhaps more thorns roses. What a beautiful phrase :)
Katie has been in the bottom 2 for 4 weeks, and had to do the sing off. How much longer will she stay?
This Poem, is from the heart of a Person who cannot bear to someone who he/she loves go away from them. it is full of emotions :)
My mom decides I get a haircut. So, my cousin and I get ready. We thought that it may just be a simple trip to the barber and back home. We were way off...
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