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This article tells you about the excess usage of mobile phones and its consequences and its sources . It gives you precautions as well !
This is an article about keeping true to your agenda and following them through for people to see. It also has a section about being self-aware as well as being aware of the differences in circumstances others face.
This piece came up after a class I attended at the weekend on the Nine Transformations It was to be on alchemy but inside I was told not to do that so instead this came through. As many of you know my brother is the most precious being in my life and this is dedicated to him.
poem about a girl making her man leave cause he hurt her so bad she threw away all pictures she had of him and one day he returned one she threw in the trash she realized he never really left that he was coming home at night slept there as well .
So many of us are drawn to parts of history that intrigue us mightily. Most dont realize they are touching into some of their former lifetimes. I know and write about it....
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