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The precedent set by Bradford L. Smith unveils a new tendency in the lobbying domain : to supplant governments in favour of big companies.(1) It is an incidental element from which the new era of lobbying(2) can be inferred. The decisive element is to be drawn from the turning point ...
Sometime labels we put on people are important to get them medical help and so on but other times they are just needless references to show unnecessary differences.
Racism is as pervasive in America as it ever was, and it continues to keep this nation from realizing its potential as envisioned by its Declaration of Independence and its Constitution.
Would you rather your daughter be an admirer of Angelina Jolie or Disney?
6th in the More Than Series. This is about Beauty and how that can be more than what our society might think.
this is about language stereotypes on television for kids.
Wishes which were written on the basis of Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata
so many stereotypes are used by the media these days and they have worked their way into society. if im having a bad day im sometimes called 'a typical teenager', but then, they dont know the truth, so its unfair for them to judge,,, right? or maybe it's because thats what we're made ...
Men really can get it wrong quite a bit of the time, so here's a bit of guidance for you...
An article about stereotypes in jokes, and briefly explores how they can be negative. towards certain groups.
What do you think about England and English people? There are lots of stereotypes, but are they really true?
My thoughts on my favourite hot drink, and why I think it should be yours!
A worldwide survey casts doubt on national stereotypes.
People in our part of the world may think the British have odd ideas about what they should do with their leisure time. They have seen so many caricatures of the average ‘Brit’. Is it really true or only a silly stereotype?
My advice about how some people feel about their partner watching porn. There is nothing wrong with these types of activities as long as your partner is ok with it.
The treatment, and view of women in the middle ages compared to current day society.
This poem is dedicated to my friend Lisa, who’s work will not end. She had dedicated her life to trying to end the stigma that surrounds mental illness.
A short story in which I was assigned to write for my English class. Marked at an A5 level, the purpose of this story was to demonstrate social stereotyping in modern day society. This story is spoken from the perspective of a student in a new school having moved to a different countr...
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