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A short story about Steve Jobs, his infamous rage, and a fictional theater showing the "Steve Jobs" film.
This is a review about the life of the late cofounder of Apple Computer, Steve Jobs
Our lifestyles are sure to change faster with robots and automation playing an increasing part in our daily lives. We will be faced with excess of idle time in our hands with the adage ever relevant – an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Let us hope as we progress we take care to h...
In 2010, Steve Jobs was asked if his kids had liked the new Iphone from Apple, but he answered that they hadn't seen it and that at home they limited the use of gadgets.
A public gesture inviting Amazon founder and top rated CEO Jeff Bezos to collaborate with a little known Caribbean businessman because the global chain of capitalism is as strong as its weakest link.
We manage to complete the race of life despite the strife and challenges. In a way that makes it all worth the while. However, we have to move another notch to make our lives more meaningful and wholesome. Looking inward in contemplation for wisdom than just reacting to sounds and sig...
Anna Sophia Matveeva from Makiivka of Ukraine is making beautiful portraits of different people with thousand pieces of chewed gum
You don't have to be a writer or printer to enjoy Simon Garfield's book, "Just My Type" In some ways the book reads more like a novel than the history of fonts: it's informative, entertaining, and funny.
Apple is king but it is always been steve jobs who had been back bone of the company. With recent events and mainly with iphone mini, is apple losing tracks?
Dreams are built into our psyches to indicate what is possible to attain. But our disunity, negativity, selfishness are stumbling blocks in our path to converting dreams into reality.
The life of Steve Jobs and the declining price of Apple. Why did we hear about the death of Jobs on Twitter before CNBC, Reuters or Bloomberg?
Ashton Kutcher to play Apple's Steve Jobs in new movie called "Jobs." This is very interest to read new type of jobs and how he work in their real life style.
Though we have limited lifespans, humanity has to travel eons to realize our full potential and to fulfill our duty being at the apex of creation. But mutual suspicion, pride and ego, self-righteousness, and holier-than-thou attitude play spoil sport. Let us extend our olive branch to...
The last words of the late, much-lauded and much-quoted Steve Jobs have been revealed almost a month after the Apple co-founder died at the age of 56.
The battle is on to unseat Apple where Steve Jobs made it shine--and mighty Apple is already looking at risk.
Steve Jobs of Apple Inc; Prof Wangari Maathai, an environmentalist from Kenya and Osama B. Laden have 6 things they have in common. Today, we are going to look at what they 'possess' or 'have' in common in this article. So if you haven't been left behind, then, let's get rolling.....
Read on to find out how three apples changed the world..
Carrying acute pain of cancer in his frail and weak body, Steve Jobs was just pulling his life till he reached his death. He tried all conventional medicines. Did he ever try alternative medicines to treat his cancer?
Three Apples have changed the human destiny. The third Apple that changed the destiny of humanity succumbed to death a couple of days ago.
Announcing the world a new lesson iPod Jobs has left to take up his heavenly job. Apples on earth are at loss at his premature demise. Apples always teach sweet lessons.
Mid-summer of 1954, a young unwed graduate student found herself pregnant. Not wanting to keep the baby she opted to put the young boy up for adoption.
A biography of Steve Jobs and his rise to being a great CEO of Apple Company
Since Steven Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple, announced his health issues, Apple shares momentarily dropped as many shouted that he should have been keeping the public, and the shareholders informed of any issues. Read on to find out why.
The buzz about Steve Jobs, Apple, and Flash. No longer will you not know.
This question initial takes the positive part of Steve Jobs but for the benefit of justifying every action I will be weighing his good approach with the negative ones.
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