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A description, with accompanying pictures, of a geographical anomaly/oddity in the Southwestern corner of the state of Virginia in the United States.
Another of my meandering pieces...yes but always with a tale to tell... i have the ability to move rapidly between universes of mind and enjoy...if you will...ha!
Alternative safe and natural treatment for kidney stones.
Introductory comments on why Galicia is not really Spanish, even though it's part of Spain.
Have you ever spent some time beside a dry river? I have often sat beside one and heard it speak to me.
Adrain gray with his upulsive work he is making stones standing on rocks with gravity work.
A Memorial Day tribute to the galant, brave men and women who answered the call to defend us and gave their all!
Details on how to unlock special background music for Kino Der Toten map by activation three stones.
In the hustle and bustle of our hectic modern life, we can often find ourselves physically and emotionally out of balance and in need of grounding. There are many very effective grounding stones. In this article, I will address three powerful grounding stones and a few exercises to ...
I was struck by this idea when I heard so many people complain. This poem offers hope and a good outcome is possible.
Of all the stones I have ever worked with, none compares to Moldavite for sheer power. Even people who are not normally sensitive to the mineral world can often feel the effects of this rare and special stone. It has a very high vibration and works to open, clear and align all of your...
Without question, Quartz crystal is the most versatile of all the stones. It contains the full spectrum of light and works on every level to bring our bodies back into balance. It is indeed the quintessential healing crystal. There is an old saying, "We are not human beings trying...
This article is an introduction to the awesome healing power of stones and crystals.
Seed begins to grow beneath the mountains of the Snow's. A seed planted and revealed; and then its fruit is revealed for the first time, but it has become to late, for the one who planted it.
Thoughts on how stoneage people ate and lived with a recipe`
A young John, is lead to his destiny by the viewing of Prophets being martyred. Because of Deaths unholy voice and its ability to inspire one of the little children in the crowd.
What we deem to be of value, is only so in light of mutual consent.
The expertise knowledge of the ancient Romans in the use of stones and marbles was an added advantage to the Roman furniture industry.
A boy called Mathew explores the underground with his mother
This series on soil improvement provides innovative as well as long proven solutions to this most pressing issue with regards to natural gardening and farming. Framed positively the articles contain many solution-orientated action steps for the reader.
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