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I'm gonna be writing about my experiences being a young African man from a ghetto in Nigeria. This page is gonna give you guys an insight into what its like to be an African. Especially a Nigerian.
An innocent child born of love wanders into a drab and angry land, the Yellow Kingdom, where human failings prevail and her identity is threatened by envy and jealousy. In the end, she is whooshed back into the arms of her mother by the gift of love embodied in the form of rich rain t...
These are fables allegorical and symbolic stories for children as well as elders.
A short story for children. Jim has a hobby as a young inventor and builds himself a robot who spends a day at school for him whilst he is ill.
Once upon a time, in a mighty kingdom, there lived a soldier called Mark. Mark was a brave man and had risked his life a thousand times on the field of battle in defence of his king.
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