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Snowstorm Jonas has come and left the City. Thoughts and ruminations on the recent blizzard.
Those times when our thoughts are so overflowing that we have to strain to focus in on the words, and the moments between when we feel uninspired, drained, searching for the spark of genius beneath our doubts. When we need to quench the dry spell, and then something wonderful emerges...
Molly, Milly, Robert and Sally are on a mission. They are looking for the neighborhood raccoon. He lives in the old maple tree near the corner. They believe he knows more than what he's willing to tell. He wasn't in his tree but they found him in another maple tree. He's refusing ...
Dad arrived home to find Molly missing and Milly afraid to say where she went. Milly finally spills the beans and tells Dad she's at the beach house. A storm is brewing and Molly's being held against her will.
A storm is brewing and there's weather alerts along the coast. The day is spiraling out of control. Dad's on the boardwalk chasing the bad guys. Molly's being held captive against her will and Milly's home packing to leave the beach.
Milly's been surfing the net over the last few days. She's been investigating murders and robberies around the country. There was some very interesting information in one of the Phoenix newspapers. Milly's made up her mind to share her discovery with Molly, but she's decided against t...
Molly needs access to Dad's computer. She's decided to branch out on her own and try to find out who murdered the guy on the beach. Molly's got some leads but she's keeping them to herself. Milly has a few of her own.
Last Tuesday at 6:15 pm New Jersey was hit by a huge storm. The winds were blowing 85mph. There were a lot of damages done by this storm. Amazingly no one was hurt.
Dad, Molly and Milly are on their way home from a night of surveillance. It's raining and it looks like the weather is going to get worse before it gets better. The Freeway is bumper to bumper and Molly and Milly are in the backseat with their seatbelts on. Dad's driving leaves a l...
It was a free life as a kid. No worries, not threatened by almost anything. We just had a programmed mindset of invincibility. We don't think about it but somehow we just know we are protected.
With long summer months ahead and no rain here in California the fields and slowly going brown.
Max has been in the hospital in a coma. He has just regained consciousness with Danielle by his side. She is elated and the doctor is amazed.
The rains have turned into a flood in the valley. Max and Jake have gone out in the storm. The farmhouse is on a hill and Danielle has remained behind where she is safe. She has spent a sleepless night waiting for Max's return.
When you fall hopelessly in love to learn sheer pain comes with such things.
Max stood in the doorway until the truck Danielle was riding in was out of sight. To let her go was one of the hardest things he'd ever had to do. Max had to find a way to go on until they were together again.
Max has just recovered from a bad case of the flu. He's been researching a way to reach the old homestead. There's a blizzard outside with high winds, snow drifts and icy roads. This storm will go down in history. The temperatures are below zero with very little visibility.
Hope always takes us to new horizons. It gives reassurance, it inspires us to start afresh after a dark night. So keep hope in your pocket and move on in life!
In honor of Black History Month, I thought I‘d share some of the greatest African-American superheroes in comics books!
Sincerity can move the gods and animals. Read my story.
Maine's first winter storm of 2014 destroys huge spruce tree
This poem relates how mother nature throws back people's abuses on its natural kindness and duty through pollution.
The fantasies within are the images on display in my thoughts, they are like silent wishes between reality and dreams and Revelation promises thrills with each breath.
A firsthand account on the many sandstorms that happens in my place of work.
It is so nice to know another Arkansas Wikinut. A few others have come and gone. They did not receive the same warm welcome I did, so I am hoping to do better by Manda Fowler, AKA, Web I Weave.
The storm in the Philippines today is a lot different from the storm in the seventies. Global warming has played a vital role in the world's present calamities. i just reminisced those days every time there is a storm in our place.
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