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I write here of a science fiction that maybe a possibility derived from the invention in MIt of converting thoughts to words
Short on writing ideas, I often use writing prompts to get the mind flowing. The story herein is one such story. The writing prompts gave a list of five words that must be used in your story. In this case, I had to use the words: handkerchief, pocket, unhinged, hockey puck and coach. ...
This is the story of the bird, and the rock, and the little boy who wanted to be the rock and watch the world as it passes by.
I wanted to write a story or just something to practice my craft and keep writing then this happened writers block but then I started writing bout writing and well thats what you are about to read pleas enjoy feel free to comment. Peace and Love
Story teller kid.This young guy has just joined wiki and of gals he is so shy being sexy though young maybe This is for him mainly..
It was a cloudy day. At noon I was walking alone, suddenly I heard fearful shouts of some children. I rushed to the source of the sound. It was the bank of a nearby pond. Four children were shouting loudly standing there
The poignant story of a girl who overcomes unique hardship and deprivation - growing up with a troop of capuchin monkeys - to find ultimate redemption.
Part 1 of a short story, soon to be continued in future posts.
True story! I loved once and it was beautiful! I love huge not know what to do can always hope to fulfill my dream, I still live in my love story.
Poems on two different men-one an interesting chatterbox and other a clever trickster
I was going through unfinished stories which I had written, thought I could get peoples views on this piece, Hope that you like it, and please leave a comment if you think anything is good or bad. Criticism is very much welcome.
What drives us to write? We have so much time to waste? Maybe Yes! Perhaps this is sinister narcissism, we hasten eager to read the site to see if we have been published or not. Maybe we are a bit sick of protagonism and of mind.
Well, I wanted to write something. And this is what I did as just wrote whatever came out of my mind.
Just an exchange of emotions between an ailing father and his son.
Are you experiencing the phenomenon called writer's block, even when you want to write at Wikinut? Let's make up our minds thus, each one of us: "There is no such thing as writer's block."
long ago, in an achient time lived a gropu of.. click to see the rest.
The things I write about now are not easy to understand and so hard to accept. These are feelings nobody knows that I am capable of having.
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