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This is a poem about the nature of man and how the light of day can change the world.
This is the story of the bird, and the rock, and the little boy who wanted to be the rock and watch the world as it passes by.
This is my true story. They came here in 1847. Many walked the 900+ miles pulling all they owned in hand carts. They came to worship God without harassment. They came to avoid persecution, the beatings, the rapes while the families watched at gun point, and the deaths that came by the...
How a dream taught me to teach a Vietnamese man taught a man to speak English and just in the nick of time.
I wanted to write a story or just something to practice my craft and keep writing then this happened writers block but then I started writing bout writing and well thats what you are about to read pleas enjoy feel free to comment. Peace and Love
Story teller kid.This young guy has just joined wiki and of gals he is so shy being sexy though young maybe This is for him mainly..
The Ebony Children is a writing company. We focus on sharing creative stories and the news.
Part 1 of a short story, soon to be continued in future posts.
Two brief poems, Another here, Another there, More to share.
Ho!, wait, stop, hold on. I have a story for you to withdrawn. Hey! wait, don't leave, come on. I won't bite, its alright.
A trick used before. A riddle to look twice. For that you can find, A new word is bind. Obvious before, By the earth of life I showed. If you can't find the road, Research what been unload.
Two stories are written in poetry format, read them and enjoy
My favorite children's author is Roald Dahl. I based this children's rhyme on what I have learnt from his work especially the classic Revolting Rhymes. I really hope to have a collection of children's rhymes and stories to publish one day.- We can all dream......
This is a poem I have written is about making decisions to change. Growing and learning for a better life
This is a children's rhyme story about a pig which had no tail . He wanted to be like the other pigs with their curly tails
So much to be said Yet so little done The glow of love The love we love Praise we sing Put them on pedestal.
Some days I feel as if 'Blue' the dog wants to tell me something very special or maybe just give me some heartfelt advice before rolling over for a tummy rub......
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