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This is an overview of Knowledge Management tool(s) available to an Enterprise Business and how it can be used effectively to add value and optimize the efforts.
"Heroic Deeds" is a card game designed by myself and published piece by piece on wikinut. This article describes the role of the storyteller in "Heroic Deeds".
On that night much dances around the fire a form of celebrations. On that night the Blue Eyes in the Sky asked if he could have a girl. He was told that for that it is needed a very good trade! The problem was he had nothing left but the animal that my great grandfather was in love w...
This is the story of the bird, and the rock, and the little boy who wanted to be the rock and watch the world as it passes by.
I wanted to write a story or just something to practice my craft and keep writing then this happened writers block but then I started writing bout writing and well thats what you are about to read pleas enjoy feel free to comment. Peace and Love
Story teller kid.This young guy has just joined wiki and of gals he is so shy being sexy though young maybe This is for him mainly..
It was a cloudy day. At noon I was walking alone, suddenly I heard fearful shouts of some children. I rushed to the source of the sound. It was the bank of a nearby pond. Four children were shouting loudly standing there
Mrs. John never varies in her story; which puzzles those who doubt of the truth, or are unwilling to believe it. A servant in the neighbor's yard, adjoining to Mrs. John’s house, heard her talking to somebody an hour of the time
Do you need some spunk in your storytelling techniques? These tips may help you tell a story that will keep your young listeners sitting on the edge of their seats.
Part 1 of a short story, soon to be continued in future posts.
Gamebooks are a special form of storytelling known as interactive storytelling. They are informally known as "choose your own adventure' although this name is trademarked. Here are some tips for making your own.
This was an essay I wrote in college giving my views on the story "The Death of a Salesman".
Advice on maintaining first person perspective in your story.
Memoir writing is not just for the rich and famous. Writing memoir is a way of recording every day incidents from the past.
To hide our sorrows and pains is an art that has deeper meanings and the feelings than just by sharing it. The story, "helplessness" is a state of mind of such a human, who strengthens by hiding it in the relationships, which if we learn to understand can give a better insight in self...
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