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Quentin captivated, he was more than imagined, and without thinking I cut and pasted my life to fit into his
Writing the Courtor of the One Time Courtship without making him sound like a bad guy.
No matter who you are, what you are regardless of sexuality, race, gender we all are important in this world and Have a purpose. What's yours?
Maybe as a man, you find your wife with another man, but you find him attractive. Meet Richard, his wife Kate, and Kate's lover Javier. A not so unique love affair. At the end, Kate’s all by herself.
Would you go for the opposite sex if you're gay or lesbian? Tracey and Joey did and they are very happy together.
Would you change your sex to be with the one you love. As a man would you go to great lengths for the love a woman like change your sex and become a lesbian.
Tips on writing a strong masculine, straight acting gay man, without making him a stereotypical effeminate man.
The straight guy that flirts with the Effeminate guys and sometimes most other gay man for fun or because they are sincere.
How do you know that's on the Down-Low? Wait. Do you know what that means? Let's find out.
Who's your Daddy? Do you know what's the other implied meaning? You'll be surprised.
The lotus is standing in water throughout the day. But the flower never takes a headbath! There are many people like that!
This article contains C++ program for the numerical methods and also I provide free download link of Microsoft Visual C++ for run this program.
So here was a revelation of how the application of the law was measured in the lives of the people, God stands on the wall that was made by a plum line with a plumb line in his hand, he is not there to build upon what was already build he was there to pull down what was of inferior st...
I am blessed with a beautiful, lusturous and healthy but like any other gal I too get many problems ....I would like to share what I do to make my hair beautiful and lively.
This week has been a blessed week of Poems and after been inspired by a lot, I decided to compose mine, getting the inspiration in the Hospital (As Usual). It's a blend of Old English with its contemporary form which explains the features of Pride as a personality in an individual. I ...
This page is dedicated to a better way to look at life. I am a member of a local gay, lesbian, bi and trans gender club. It is about a lifestyle of love and happiness that we should all share.
This is a poem written about who I am and I am who i am... and yeah that is just me.
Look for a good hair straightener? With the Instyler your search is over.
Women with curly, frizzy hair know what a nightmare it can be to achieve smooth hair.
It is true you can straighten or curl your synthetic hair extensions. You may not believe it because I didn't untill I gave it a try. Read this to know how to make it all happen.
Having curly hair is an enviable trait but may be one of the things you wish you could change.
Do you have straight hair that will not go curly? Don't worry, I have the perfect answer that will make your hair curly.
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