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Facing a New Year, we may decide to do things in the usual fashion. If you are searching for a strategy or game plan, here is one that might work for you.
Customers aren't the only things that need you to change. Sometimes your competitors force you change. If the tattoo studio is now providing ‘free consultation’, you have to provide it too. Sometimes it’s the price drops of a competitor in the market that forces you to give offe...
This page is a short insight into the question, 'could you be corrupt?' Having written about and currently working in an anti-corruption environment, I hope I can offer a different perspective exploring what corruption is, where corruption sits in 2015, whether you could be corrupt,...
The lack of organisation on the part of the French taxi drivers these past months has blunted the effect of their tenacity. They are slowly loosing the support of the State while being at odds with the trap UberPop.
Nowadays social media gains popularity more and more every day. This article will help you to reach your target audience by easy tricks which will improve your entire marketing strategy orientated around the WWW.
...some tips for crisis... Do you agree with these tips? Can you suggest others?
Should we implement a strategy? How important is knowledge management?
it is about Strategic management, planning and rivalries, etc.
An accurate and complete transcription of US Navy training video The Battle of Midway (1950), produced following World War II. Includes notes and related resources.
There are many individuals in this world who believe that the role of women is secondary and in many instances of no importance. But is this opinion only been generated through the knowledge that in reality women are stronger and more adaptable to change?
American Football is a popular game. My grandsons love it and get excited while watching it on TV. I, however, find it a funny game.
If you strategy games, here is a free app definitely worth trying. Although there are certainly aspect worth improving , the game is definitely a contribution to the genre.
To have a chance at being successful in any business, an entrepreneur needs to have a business plan in place not only when he is looking for finances but also at every phase of the business.
However, having twins was not easy. In addition to genetic factors, have twins also have to have a certain tips.
When playing blackjack in any casino, insurance is always offered if the dealer might have blackjack. But should you take it and when? This article explains this essential strategy.
Games for children are simple and interesting. It helps children develop their learning skills along with providing them a good time. Strategy games on the other hand are difficult but provide more fun.
Do you follow a Strategy at Wikinut, or write whatever comes to your mind freely here on Wikinut? Here are a few thoughts of mine.
Although networks like Facebook and Twitter have been around longer than Google Plus, that doesn't mean it's any less important.
A simple review of my game play of the game "Assassin's Creed" the story of Assassin's and Templar's fighting each other for finding the item they called "the piece of Eden" is a website in operation since 2009. It's used by a vast range of people and companies to help them promote their products or their writing. If one uses it correctly, it can be a great marketing tool.
Being stuck at a low elo and being matched with either trolls or feeders is demoralizing and frustrating. The following article will outline some tips which should help you get on your way to a higher elo.
Strategy is a set of decision making rules or procedures for guidance of organizational behaviour.
This article is to help clients understand what it takes to bring a new product to market esp competing with other like products in a marketplace that's crowded
BCG Matrix originally developed by Boston Consulting Group,which is a growth share matrix postulates the organisation in each business units.
Strategy is a tool for managers so that they are able to respond to the competing needs and changes in the market. Strategies should be effective enough so that they ensure productivity in the company. It is important for all managers to adopt a strategy for their company to allow for...
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