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Our traveling feet not only march over winding paths or rocky mountains, but trudge through a journey of emotions, feel the earth like a pulse, and the heart still exists in it all.
A short poem about a very special Donkey "Charlotte"
Bacteria commonly contaminates common-use items and surfaces, and very few of us realize it. Before you know it, the tell-tale sign of bacterial contamination is screaming at us to sanitize the area, yet few of us heed notice at these obvious signs. Read this before you get sick.
Undulating waves of the beat I put my mind spinning straw into the sky,
~I told my grandsons~10-year-old Tristen & 7-year-old Deven~if you splash any more of that lotion on all the girls in the neighborhood will come swarming to kiss you~Woohoo! they chirped & poured it on~
~Stratification of existence~voices ringing~people fear death more than pain~loneliness more than both~strange~without music life would be a mistake~from the garbage dump~in love there is no wrong~long years of it erased by a moment of hatred~
Eggs don't grow in egg boxes and chicken breast doesn't grow in cellophane packets. We are not a mass producing chicken farm, no, just a little self-sufficiency mini-smallholding in Spain. We are far from perfect, always got new and/or weird ideas on how to make ourselves independend ...
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