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According to local folklore, if you have experienced the feeling of being touched while on the old church grounds, you have more than likely come into contact with the spirit of the minister who haunts the Hankey Church Road cemetery and nearby property, located in the heart of the Ap...
One Of The Best Strawberry Recipes You Will Ever Try! You Might Not Want To Share!
I was never a big fan of traditional spinach salad, so I decided to put my own personal touch on it! I love to experiment with different flavors and ingredients. I have a small booth in the food court of our local Weekend Market, and let me tell you, they love my different salad crea...
Early summer is my most favorite time of year. Everything is turning green, that fresh cut grass smell and of course those Beautiful, Ruby Red Strawberries! Yes, Yes, It's that time of year again! So I thought I would share a couple of my favorite strawberry recipes, with you all!!
The difference in being in California to being in the UK and growing fruit and veg.
Health bodies like Taiwan's Food and Drug Administration deserves commendations for doing its job. Its finding is a big help in guarding the health and well being of all people, especially children, from the dangers of taking in excess pesticide residue hiding in fruits and vegetable...
The benefits of strawberry juice, such as: 1. Good for diet 2. Maintain the eyes 3. Source of anti-inflammatory substances 4. Good for heart health 5. Rich in antioxidant substances
Looking for a quick, simple recipe for a healthy tasty treat. This strawberry dairy free milkshake is an excellent way to get some vitamins without having to worry about extra fat and calories.
Meruk lived on the countryside. His home was a farm with many Acres to stroll on. Meruk had peculiar habits, not like other dogs. For instance he lked srawberries. He plocked them himself and liked them most when they were warmed from the sun.
A short piece I wrote about life in a Black Country greengrocery store in the 1950's. It is biographical.
This almond milk dairy free strawberry and chocolate shake recipe is a very simple and delicious way to get some of the recommended five a day. It's fun and easy to prepare making it a great treat for kids and adults alike, without the guilt.
It can be a bit of a challenge at times to get kids to eat a healthy diet. So why not try a fun, simple milk shake to help them get that very important five a day. This is an easy recipe and with a little guidance is suitable for all age groups, so let the kids get involved and learn ...
It's the end of June and it's harvest time. Groups of workers take to the fields and cut the hay. After it has been done they rest by a stream.
Preparing a treat for yourself can be fun and easy. You can prepare one that would not cost you a lot of money. It needs a little creativity on your part.
We look our largest organ Skin: Our Body's First Line of Defence, And how best to care for it.
Here are simple steps which can help us have the best strawberry smoothie on a very sunny day, especially in India.
Having shed the pounds or kilos all year, will Santa allow me a little indulgence this Christmas?
This is a recipe for Strawberry Cupcakes. This recipe makes 32 cupcakes.
While the northern hemisphere is feeling the cold as Christmas approaches, New Zealand welcomes summer with high hopes for Christmas.
Want to beat that cold that's going around? Then take a look at this list - it'll help you to keep your immune system in check and make you feel and look better all year round. Obviously you can buy vitamin supplements but you shouldn't just rely on these, it's far better to eat the...
June is a wonderful and vibrant month of the year for a huge variety of food. Read on to see what’s at its peak just now.
Mahabaleshwar is located in satara district of Maharastra , India in western ghats ,the place is called as Khandala also
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Not only this fruit tastes good, it also smells good. Not only it smells good, it also looks good with its bright red color. And its name ‘strawberry’ sounds cute. This article discusses its value and how to enjoy the fruit to the fullest.
Here is an easy to make, mouth-watering smoothie for you.
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