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What kind of experience does this paint for you? What landscapes, or mindscapes, form in your head upon immersing imagination in these words?
A brainstorming kind of poetic stream of consciousness. I've never seen other writers use this form so I thought I'd put it out there for the world to judge.
The novel To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf published in 1927 is a milestone of high modernism and experiments the stream-of-consciousness style .
just a stream of consciousness sort of thing really.
This is me writing while not pursuing any one goal or idea. Instead, I let my mind loose.
Well, not really, I just thought that sounded amusing. /insert thought-torrent here Oh, and "a not-so-hidden message..."
General confusion, punctuated with intermittent rational cognition and fervent emotions.
Temporary preoccupation with the word 'mind' continued...
I'm not sure what this is. I had a temporary preoccupation with the word 'mind'...
Okay, this was just my bored brain wreaking havoc on an innocent piece of paper, so i apologize to all miss-used or abused pieces of paper out there.
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