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Water... There are times and places you want to see water, and times and places you don't!
Water, water, everywhere, but nobody feels like drinking it. Except a few thirsty animals. But I digress. Yep, sometimes nature decides that it wants to take a good long shower and bath. Is it to clean itself? Or is it just a random thing that just happens?
stream games and online also are so family games and some are not, but which game do you like and here is how you know you addict
Toad of Toad Hall has been making us laugh and smile for many many years so inspired by my dear friend Mark Holmes I decided to do my it is do enjoy as much as I did writing it....
Here a metaphor I write of how all the effluvia of life has to surface so that which is pure and loving can flow again. Just like mud sinks to the bottom of a river but one day when a storm happens it will be swept out to sea and disappear...and so it will be....
There's a beautiful natural thermal pool in Turkey called Pamukkale. Originally from historical ruins, now this wonderful pool has become one of the world heritage sites.
A man wanders through the countryside on a summer day. He is lost and tired. He sits in soft grass and listens to nature and has a surprise.
A poem about change and long standing memories. A delve into the past, to the morning of a life, the imagination of a poet.
Hope is a wise hermit and lives deep in the woods. He talks of many things his knowledge is deep and his understanding is deeper, but he stays away from most people he dosn't like their greed and their gift of ruining things.
Once the river was like a young maiden, full of life, vigour and water, Today only a narrow and dirty stream flows through the town. Squatters have encroached the river bed. The river of my childhood memories is slowly dying.
Dreams My dream world is a beautiful paradise, a moist heat, cooling the high mountain valley in large springs burst water masses that make up a paradise.
just a stream of consciousness sort of thing really.
Based of off Michaela's photo of the same title about how one should not rush through life.
Walking sticks will also come in handy when crossing a stream, they will guide the hikers on where the ground is more firm and safe to cross.
Is something as simple as love, a cure for societal dysfunction? As a crusty old biker once told me,” K.I.S.S., keep it simple stupid.”
Nature can show the way, to rid ourselves of anxiety, so that we may enjoy inner peace.
A fire stream is defined in terms of the size of volume of water. A small fire stream is considered to be a volume of stream less than 40 gallons per minute.
Watch television through internet has increased in popularity in the last years. Sometimes events are not broadcasted by your local TV company or you simply don't have a Television near you, these are a couple of circumstances where you would want to have another option. Stream Torren...
Koh Chang , where this exotic resort is situated is the second largest island in Thailand.It is some 315 kilometers from Bangkok,and The Ramayana Koh Chang Resort is located on the central tip of Koh Chang Island.
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