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The condition of children made to beg on India's streets and gangs that operate on these children
These were the mean streets, that lonely part of town where no one walks at night, where no one escapes, but those with athletic prowess and those lucky enough to see the stars.
this page gives a brief summary of how the church can intervene in the lives of street children
This is to open our eyes to them who we ignore pleas read and share this. This is close to my heart. pleas follow link to see video
daytime sidewalk view and trying to maximize the view of problems of dhaka roads.there is a description of rickhshaw.busses.and poor peoples
They sing and ask for money… yes money and rejects food… goes inside a running public cab to beg, those streets their home and source of living. Will you be so charitable to give them a coin? This is a story behind the beautiful beaches, white sands and great party, and delicious...
The street children are vulnerable to manifold social evils. It is not their own fault that they are born and brought up in this unspeakable miseries and sufferings. Poverty is not unnatural or uncommon in the world. But it is the socio-economic customs and systems that have hand-cuff...
Emotionally neglectful parents encourage antisocial behavior, including drug and alcohol abuse. This simply happens when parents refuse to know or care what happens to their children.
Facts about the lives of street children to explain something many stages of life, which passed with not normal.
An article to bring awareness to the society that there are a lot more individuals in need of our guidance and helping hands.
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