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It is what it is! Live and let live. Just remember karma will never forget you, it may hide in the shadows for now, but it will eventually follow you and give you what you truly deserve.
Excitement was in the air for us five children! 78 year old Memere was coming to live with us, Even though she was my mom's mother we did not know her very well, Will this be our opportunity to really get to know her, or will an unforeseen tragedy get in our way.
They tried to destroy her soul, but in the end, the young woman learned how to become a true warrior of life.
True story of Dorothy, a rural Arkansas child growing up way to fast , in a time when life was challenging.
The true story of the strongest lady I''ve ever known.
I used to be a chubby guy and, even though I enjoyed to play sports every once in a while, i had no endurance and would end up sitting by the side of the field after 20 minutes. If you are like this ,read this article.
This article is about gaining more strength to achieve our target in our life.
If you are a woman and you want to lose weight, it is recommended to combine it with strength exercises, because if you combine a low calorie intake, your cardio and at the same time a lower protein intake, your muscle mass will start to decrease.
Sometimes, we need to fight especially if there's no one to do it for us. So at difficult times, we need to be brave enough to live.
In this world, sometime what we think that is right is sometimes what is not…maybe because we are not happy about it…but still we keep on trying and trying to hope for another chance of a better setting in life. So we continue to struggle and sometimes we're irritated already; but...
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