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What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Can believers be defeated?
Dealing with a normal life seems easy enough but is it really? Coping with life and challenges isn't always a 'walk in the park'.
I was thinking about a crowd of people, all kinds and colors of people who were working together to lift a car from an older woman that became trapped under it. I was thinking how no one could of done this by themselves, but when we lift together...miracles happen!
We must believe in ourselves and have genuine faith in our powers within ourselves which we have only scratched the surface of. To access more of our power and our faith, we must prepare ourselves and then take proper action on that preparation in accordance with the natural laws of d...
There is an Universal call that has been issued to men, women, boys and girls that Jesus Christ has promised to all. This is a hurting and sin cursed world that we live in but while we are in the world there is hope for us all and it is found in Jesus Christ. I tried him and I have fo...
During 2009 when I joined some sites where overnight i EARNED PRAISE ...i COMPOSED THIS.... I EARNED ALMOST FIFTY DOLLARS ..that site couldn't live up they banned me from composing more poetry Thanks to them Wiki now loves me. ALL MY EARNINGS ARE TO GO TO THE Cancer Society
This article is about gaining more strength to achieve our target in our life.
In life we must all understand and never give up on our dreams. The ones that fail the hardest are the ones that succeed and reach the farthest. No matter how difficult it might seem, there is always a way to keep pursuing your dream.
The month of October is observed by the Catholics all over the world as the month of Holy Rosary. It is a special way of contemplating on Jesus, “the Word that was made flesh and had his tent pitched among us” through Mary.
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