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People give a damn about too many damn things they shouldn't give a damn about. Grab your coffee and pull up a chair and join me!
Here is an extensive list of the types of things which cause stress, and be careful, because it might just stress you out just reading it. First line of defense is to take long, deep breaths, and exhale very slowly. Remember, read at your own risk.
Did you know that tears actually are a "poison" that coming out from our body? When we cry, we will grow and release adrenocorticotropic hormone and our body will more easily feel shaken and vulnerable. Find out more about what will happen to our body when we cry through this entire a...
You read this right, there really is a way to live longer and virtually stress free, regardless of your situation...
Scientists at the University of Chicago said they have a couple low exposure to stress, thus opposed to those who trust the opposite. A study based on the analysis of fiancé (e) or spouse (a) allowed them to reach this conclusion.
Short giggle-worthy poem about the strains of a normal work week. Published in "Love, Life and Evisceration" by Porle Joen available through Amazon.
This poem speaks for sad people who don't think the self medication is working the way t.v. stars made it seem. This poem shouldn't suggest anything but otherwise. (Please read every poem three times for maximum effect.)
Stress effects your body in ways you would never have thought it could.
What are the some best ways of relieving stress caused by everything... these days?
This article is about facing stress in our life. We must come out from the stress using the following ways..
We witness many family things, go through many work related things, listen to many things, that produce stress that we have to deal with daily.Its called "stress." If it is then most of us need stress reduction techniques and deliverance from stressful misery. If it is good stress wh...
Many people around, like me, suffer from acute and chronic migraine headaches which are annoying all the time and unbearable sometimes. Usually in this busy life, people choose to pop pills but there are certain things, if taken care of, migraine attacks can be avoided
The day’s almost over, but you’ve still got a lot of stress lingering. If that continues, you’ll probably keep “rolling” the stress from one day to the next, building up a toxic snowball of stress and negative emotions.
Define workplace stress. Does the definition of stress an organization uses have implications for its stress management programs? Why would achieving the goal of eliminating all stress in the workplace be counterproductive for security organizations?
When stressed, women tend to nurture and men to withdraw. This gender bias towards stress management goes in favor of women whose preferred stress coping strategy is “tend and befriend” as opposed to “fight or flight” which appears rather primitive in contemporary society.
Stress is omnipresent. Either children or grown-ups or very elderly people would undergo the phenomenon called 'stress' at some point of time and some of them acquire it as their inheritance in their lifestyle not knowing how to deal with it.
Work related stress is a common thing that happens amongst employees. This article will help you understand about work related stress and how will you able to get rid of it.
There are ways to minimize stress on ourselves. Here are some recommendations.
All of us have bad days every now and then. For few people, every day seems a bad day because they feel over-stressed. Read on further to know how we can benefit when we feel stressed up to some extent. After all, Stress isn’t always bad.
Stress management in today's society is very important. Learning how prayer, attending church services, walking, and thinking about St. Jude's Hospital may help motivate and lead us through hard times successfully.
Recently, work stress has become far more prevalent among higher percentage of population. Here are some leading causes of work stress and family related stress. Feeling stressful is common due to circumstances around us.
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