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Not knowing how to clear your mind when you need it completely functional isn’t so bad at first – it’s understandably how someone can get confused.
Here is an extensive list of the types of things which cause stress, and be careful, because it might just stress you out just reading it. First line of defense is to take long, deep breaths, and exhale very slowly. Remember, read at your own risk.
This page about the stress management. There are some tips to manage stress like: Learn to be patient and observe the way your weight is shifting towards the ground and let go of everything, all the heaviness and all the tiredness.
The pace of life in the 21st century is largely driven by achievements and attainment of personal and professional goals. As healthy as these pursuits are, they come at great price. Learning to strike a balance between work pressure and healthy living is a goal that professionals mus...
Stress management should be a top priority for any business that wants to be successful. There is plenty of advice available on reducing stress in the office for your employees but I would like to focus on you; the business owner or managing director. Any stress from you will make its...
You read this right, there really is a way to live longer and virtually stress free, regardless of your situation...
This story is of a past (but recent) dream I had and there are 2 more noted dreams referenced too. Id like to know your understanding of them.
Short giggle-worthy poem about the strains of a normal work week. Published in "Love, Life and Evisceration" by Porle Joen available through Amazon.
When people are throwing stones against you, throw them back a bread
This article is about facing stress in our life. We must come out from the stress using the following ways..
Examination fear is more common in students than it should be. Very often students are so much stressed that they fail to perform and show grades deserved by their intelligence and caliber. Needless to say it has a telling effect on their future life. However, now there is simple tech...
The day’s almost over, but you’ve still got a lot of stress lingering. If that continues, you’ll probably keep “rolling” the stress from one day to the next, building up a toxic snowball of stress and negative emotions.
Define workplace stress. Does the definition of stress an organization uses have implications for its stress management programs? Why would achieving the goal of eliminating all stress in the workplace be counterproductive for security organizations?
Work related stress is a common thing that happens amongst employees. This article will help you understand about work related stress and how will you able to get rid of it.
Desk rage is the post-y2k disease spreading all over the world. Workplace stress and long office hours have become part of any career today. This new phenomenon called ‘desk rage’ is surely going to cause a great damage in the emerging world.
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