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I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm in a situation in which the entire world around me is one thick, hot, lung-burning blanket of strong smoke.
For some months now, I have finally been feeling like I need a vacation. I love what I do, so I seldom if ever even think about stopping to do it so I can go on a long vacation. I just didn't need it. But once every few years, I do feel I want to go be quiet somewhere and think and ...
It's a hard day for Marzeus. He's trying to get through it, but Specter and Weener simply aren't returning. He feels responsible because they have taken one of Father's vehicles to do something that may very well turn into big trouble, and now they're taking so long to return from doi...
An experienced hand reaching down to help you out of a pit of intellectual innocence.
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