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People give a damn about too many damn things they shouldn't give a damn about. Grab your coffee and pull up a chair and join me!
There is so much anger, resentment, and grudges here and everywhere, it is absolutely demoralizing. People ... when are you going to just simply chose to be happy and let go of the petty stuff? Right here is the theme of my morning chronicle. Go get yourself a cup of coffee, you need...
It's a hard day for Marzeus. He's trying to get through it, but Specter and Weener simply aren't returning. He feels responsible because they have taken one of Father's vehicles to do something that may very well turn into big trouble, and now they're taking so long to return from doi...
Those little ditties, we sometimes call tongue-twisters, that perhaps you remember as amusing you when you were younger, but they are an interesting tool used to provide curiosity, rhyme and intrigue when used in speech or writing, this linguistic tool has been widely used In poetry, ...
Working and studying at the same time? Know the do's and don'ts that you need to do. Shrug that stress a way and invite a more fun way working and studying!
There are many myths surrounding Asthma and people tend to fear and take far too many precautions therby making the person suffering from Asrhma become even more stressed which slowly deteriorates the quality of life of the person suffering from Asthma.
You read this right, there really is a way to live longer and virtually stress free, regardless of your situation...
Scientists at the University of Chicago said they have a couple low exposure to stress, thus opposed to those who trust the opposite. A study based on the analysis of fiancé (e) or spouse (a) allowed them to reach this conclusion.
Short giggle-worthy poem about the strains of a normal work week. Published in "Love, Life and Evisceration" by Porle Joen available through Amazon.
We must apply our minds with an open mind when we want to convey what we think only we know..
Life often turns empty, useless or frustrating and we don't understand what is going on and what is to be done. However, there is a very unusual (in today's world) way that is being researched. Some principles of life are evergreen; they worked in the past and work even now, only if w...
Stress effects your body in ways you would never have thought it could.
Define workplace stress. Does the definition of stress an organization uses have implications for its stress management programs? Why would achieving the goal of eliminating all stress in the workplace be counterproductive for security organizations?
Ashwagandha, being the traditional medicine of India has been considered as the best stress reliever. Having known its rejuvenating effects, read further to know what all Ashwagandha can help us.
All of us have bad days every now and then. For few people, every day seems a bad day because they feel over-stressed. Read on further to know how we can benefit when we feel stressed up to some extent. After all, Stress isn’t always bad.
When a person has a positive mental health, it does not mean that he/she does not have problems. Problems are always a part of life. How you solve your problem or problems in a positive way is the key to a healthier life.
Stress is a factor in modern life as it always has been, but is a different kind of stress from that faced by our ancestors. Stress not only affects the mind directly but can impact on other aspectsof daily life like trying to lose weight...
Excuse me while I have a little rant at Western society, human nature and the world in general.
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