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We are unable to come out of the rut of vicious circumstances we have created over time and most important is the inability to agree to disagree which is a hallmark of democracy and freedom. It is time to agree on the fundamentals to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps to better our c...
I've always admired people who follow their dreams with conviction. This poem is a tribute to all great warriors who have inspired millions like me.
We create our own versions of hell or heaven. Our life is in our own hands and we can make what we will of it.
a short poem for my wife who has stuck by me through thick and thin,she deserves more than this and wish i could give her more.
To be a king or ruler is not always easy surrounded by so many demands and demanding people...but if you opt out you do not know what will be your return..a metaphor for some maybe....
More Poetry from the 2002 Compilation Heart, soul, hope, dream
I wrote this poem for my brother who was tragically deceased on 28 Feb 2013. I felt a need to make it public as a remembrance to him and a way in which to honour him as he was dearly loved and will be greatly missed.
South and Central America have a history of strife mostly the rich versus the poor just as it has and is taking place in countries around the world. I wrote this during my journey through this beautiful country....enjoy
Just a short poem about the heavy drinking these days and why it causes stress to families and friends.
November PAD Challenge Day 25- Write a poem opposite in form, different perspective, or other means from a previous poem. This poem is the opposite perspective of PAD Day 29 Every Day Is Given To Us
For a friend who is going through a very difficult time right now.
Disorders are not easy to live with; they cause a lot of strife and sometimes it can get overwhelming. How does one snap out of a funk you can only get from the stresses of life? I try to fight through it, and other times I succumb to it.
April Poem a Day Challenge Day 28 Problem poem. In this case about the problems of our world.
April 20th Poem A Day Challenge Let's (blank) where the blank is filled with Imagine. Where imagining a life filled with some differences in life.
A poem about fishing, why it helps me when I have a problem and why I do it by myself.
A short poem about the pleasures of sailing on a narrow boat. What you see and why I enjoy the time on board.
This is a short poem which talks about sadness and pain, hope and faith, judgement and reward, and Happiness in following the dictates of Heaven.
Dedicated to my best friend/brother Adam who has been through some difficult times as of late.
I wrote this poem at a time in my life when I was suffering with severe depression. I am so pleased that these days have now long gone and I am now much happier. I thought hard about whether to submit this poem or not but decided it may give hope to people who may be thinking the sam...
It is a popular sentiment to wish peace to others during the Holiday season, why not wish it to yourself as well.
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