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After a stunning qualifying session in Baku, which once again saw Lewis Hamilton top the time sheets with a time his team described as " off the scale," could Lewis convert it to a win?
I am glad when I am able to put pen to paper in any given situation.
We all deny we have them. Carnal thoughts. Inspiration is all around. I do not hold back when a string of verses catch me. The difficulty comes in having the means to write down the draft at the time of creation. Memory is not always reliable.
Who said a writer has a dream of a life, because he doesn´t have to get up early to commute to work? 80,000 words a day is a hell of work to be done in one day.
Like myself, some people didn´t seem to be ready to go home and to bid farewell to the 2013 Christmas.
Now a days people are visiting gym for health purpose, their they are doing several exercises. It is good to do taking stairs for 30 minutes a day can avoid going to gym.
It is not surprising to be relaxed and comforted in Dumaguete City for it is tagged as the land of the gentle people. Life in the city is a little bit laid back and simple. Located in the Western part of the Visayas region, the city is considered as a university belt with preserved an...
An article on the necessity of using backpack harness to keep your toddler/baby safe and always in tow as per my personal experience.
Tired of carrying or running after your hyper active toddler while malling or strolling around? Read this entry and see how we did resolve this problem.
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