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love goes on, it grows up, it moves out of town, it marries someone else. love goes on no matter how much we beg it to stay
There is always that time where you feel that you just might possibly, could be, might be....healing. Moving on.
sometimes in our sorrows we feel as if our heart will never mend - but this poem speaks of a time when we will smile again - and all will be well again.
This is a word of love from the Saviour to those who are brokenhearted - to assure them that the sun will shine again - and the flowers will also bloom again.
I have created this article to share my knowledge on HOW TO GET SUCCESS IN RELATIONSHIPS. This article will help you in finding various tips and tricks that can help you to recover your weak relationships. In this fast moving generation love is lacking behind and sometimes unknow...
When grandchildren visit us once a year, it is difficult to bid them farewell when they leave us. Grandchildren, more than children, evoke strong emotions in us.
Strong love endures. It is tangible, and we can carry it with us, even when our loved ones are no longer with us.
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