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The plagues come thick and fast now but a stubborn pharaoh refuses to let the children of Israel go and sacrifice to the Lord their God.
This short story is about John, and his family. They were from the older generation, and they did not like to visit their doctor regularly, especially the men that is. Three male members of his family died because of this, including John himself. This story is one about family ka...
We could argue about the beneficial traits of stubbornness, stubbornly so. Would we be completely right though in our stubbornness, in our doing so? Stubbornness closes a door into love sometimes if we stubbornly refuse to open it, too scared to go through, to really know.
I had a fondness for someone and noticed a habit they had. The closer you get to a person, an individual, is the more you learn about them. You learn their foibles. Is this good or bad...?
Just thought I would share a song that I think is inspirational. If you have read my last two articles, you know I have a stubborn streak, a tendency to say "full speed ahead".
Kids will be very naughty by nature at their young age and most of the parents will have difficult time in controlling their kids. Parents should understand that it is the age which brings in stubborn behavior in their kids which will start coming down with time is parents cope with t...
Two stories are written in poetry format, read them and enjoy
This article is about being adamant, we must give up our adamant character to get improvement in our life
Sometimes you're involved in a relationship so awful, you are willing to shoulder all the blame for its failure just to end it.
To put it all together in the whole world economy, it is impossible to get everyone to agree on any thing.
Talks about the lack of nutrition in rice. but they still.
Mistakes do happen with everybody, but realizing those mistakes and agreeing is not easy for many people
Being stubborn is not a bad trait, but one need to be capable to handle and make good use of this trait. Else, it leads to disasters.
Jack is desperate to contact his daughter Amy,who has just left home. Then he remembers Facebook.
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