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Many states are passing laws to allow the use of medical marijuana. The use of medical cannabis is used for a vast majority of medical conditions. Today physicians prescribe medical cannabis for treating diseases and conditions such as chronic pain. Always consult your physician befo...
Want to know my terrible condition while studying French for tomorrow's exam? Don't miss, I've learnt a lesson now, it's too hard to capture the things within some hours. I've just 2 hours left to finish my studies before it's too late at night, and tomorrow morning, I've to fail in m...
What we put our children through, in the name of education and the mad desire to succeed
Parents do have the problem of baring with kids anger as sometimes it really gets worse and effects their family life very much. Dealing with kids anger is an art which has to be mastered by parents at any cost
Some tips to cope with a teenage boy who does not want to do studies and graduate whereas being really hesitant about his professional future
The industrial town of Bradford in England had its famous school master in the person of Mr. Jonathan Priestley, whose son John Boynton Priestley later became one of the most famous literary figures in the world, remembered for his scholarly essays, novels, plays, travel books and spe...
Adopting a scientific point of view is useful in many ways, whether for solving the Negro problem or for solving the problem of diseases. J.B.S.Haldane was a famous British scientist and author who later took Indian citizenship. His writings on biological subjects made scientific idea...
Rabindranath Tagore was an educator, social reformer, poet, playwright, novelist and short story writer. His poetical collection Gitanjali was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Home Coming is the tale of a 14 year old boy who was a nuisance to his mother, was sent away for study...
In the society I live there is a custom of continual singing of praise to deities for 72, 120 or 168 hours. It has its value but as this singing is aired on loudspeakers day and night without stop, it causes immense disturbance to all, particularly to students.
As a youngster I was a goody two shoes, but I picked up the habit of smoking. Fortunately, I managed to control my smoking, and at seventy five, I am still kicking to tell my tale.
It is common knowledge that a healthy diet combined with exercise are important for a better quality of life attitudes. Besides these, research indicates that you can adopt other simpler ways to further promote your health
No body will believe it that Gold rises on Eucalyptus trees, according to World Gold council it is true that Australian researchers find that gold is rising on Eucalyptus trees.
This article is about working while studying and organizing our time
Life is full of its ups and downs. And how to handle it lies on the hands of the person. Part of life is failure. It is truly depressing but whatever it takes, we must always remember that everything happens for a reason. Just look on the brighter side and smile! :)
This page is about selecting college course for our career, we must give more importance to select a good course based on our interest
In this competitive world there won't be a single person who wouldn't be having stress. But, if teenagers had supportive parents wouldn't their stress become a bit less??? Here comes the description of stress for teenagers by teenager.
Its Al About ISEET, New Entrance System To Indian Engineering Institutes
Some students have real talent in some sports, but because of lack of encouragement they will lose their talent
Sleeping late and also getting up late has its own bad health effects.So, try sleeping early and getting up early morning which is very good for health
It is very important to maintain the balance between studies and love when you fall in love
Socially active people were not easily stressed have 50% lower chances of developing dementia
This article is about students who are doing online jobs. They are achieving in earnings as well as studies.
larger noses inhaled 7% fewer pollutants and they also act as a barrier to deflect germs away from mouth
This page is about educational use of facebook. We can get a lot of benefits from facebook
This page is about students and their studies. Student must give importance to their studies.
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