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Today the Republicans and Donald Trump have only intensified to a new low of intelligence in Washington.
Well many there are who really do not understand my writings and then question them. Fine by me it is...if i can shed some light on incredible happenings I will as I have always done.. pioneer I am...
I have tried to explain the ghetto mentality of most societies. Written on 1st April, The fools' day!
this a list of some of the most ridiculous and funniest robbery cases to ever took place around the world
If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions? No.
Wow, the bumper stickers show us which ones are the dumbest, as we go into his fifth year, and the taxes start coming out of paychecks, they continue to hang in there for the thief!
If you want to see culture turned upside down, take a look at the career of Kim Kardashian. A sickening role model to many, she represents the toxicity of many aspects of modern life, even if she is but one of many to unwittingly - or deliberately - endorse it.
Isn't humanity supposed to advance as time wears on? Then how do you explain the silliness that goes on around the world. There are even awards that go to especially silly people, who've unfortunately shuffled off this mortal coil as the result of their silliness. The Darwin Awards. T...
How people lose all sense when using a social networking site
Has the World Learned anything about air travel since September 11th 2001?
Learning more about how people interact on the 'Net then in Real Life
How people wrongly focus on I.Q. when they should more properly examine S.Q = Stupidity Quotient
This poem, is a satire poem. Based off of my philosophy that love is nothing but a "clumsy cupid" who crashes into things but finds the right match in the end. I then described the thoughts that I had. And my humor can be quite funny when it comes to me trying to explain things withou...
Okay, this was just my bored brain wreaking havoc on an innocent piece of paper, so i apologize to all miss-used or abused pieces of paper out there.
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