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Whether your watch is an heirloom passed down by your grandfather or a more recent investment, you will want to look after it properly because, with the right attention, it can last for generations. Follow these tips to make sure your watch is given the protection and care necessary t...
In opposition to warmer months - or when it comes to styling for the colder months - the bigger the better. Read on to find out more about timeless chunky pieces that are great for the colder months!
Oh no! Don't throw those card board boxes away. Make a style statement today!
The Living Well Network (LWN) is a network that is on a digital sub channel that is shown around the country. The station shows a variety of different programming like travel, cooking, do it yourself and many more interesting types of shows. This a review of different types of program...
It is not due to fear but due to some political projects. ICC decides to send them to the more rewarding places as Dubai, Sharjah or other place offering them more monetary benefits and these teams are ready to play in Afghanistan Iraq or Palestine.
Your appearance speaks much more about you, and can open door for you where you did not aim at. For ladies, some are so sophisticate about this because they want every body to admire them and made a good comment about their dress. So they
Many women have a belly bulge after having a baby. Here are some tips on how to hide this.
Bachelor pads are usually considered a place devoid of style, taste and furniture, but is it time for these stereotypes to die out? I examine how the modern man can defy expectations and design a stylish and comfortable bachelor pad to suit a single man’s lifestyle.
There are 5 guidelines to style a SEO-friendly website in this article.
The use of cosmetics has grown over the years.Nowadays almost every girl owns atleast a few pieces in her vanity.Does it improve self confidence or is just a waste of money?
Everyday, you wonder what type of clothes will you wear. Confused? Why not read on and tell me your opinion regarding this simple fashion tip that might actually save your look.
Fashion trends are difficult to keep up with. Cartier Swiss replica watches match the best in fashion and are very affordable too. Spruce up your lifestyle with these wonderful timepieces.
As a youngster I was a goody two shoes, but I picked up the habit of smoking. Fortunately, I managed to control my smoking, and at seventy five, I am still kicking to tell my tale.
Although making a speech in front of a crowd can be a daunting, most of us can master the art of making a successful speech if we know how to choose a suitable topic, make the necessary preparation and follow a set of simple guidelines.
This page shares idea of decorating a funky and cool bedroom.Being in a good environment has many benefits on your health and mood and most of the time your room is the environment you are in.Decorating your room makes you happy and so does it make me.
A look at some of the common hair styles of the 1950's
What a consumer can do to repair a poor hair cut in a hurry.
As we grow up we try to emulate those around us..mums, dads, film stars..the list goes on and on...but there is only one You, a very special One indeed so stop becoming someone's else's the old saying goes, after three days opinions like fish smell rather bad....
How do YOU see fashion? Do we judge people from their looks? Is carrying out the latest trend important?
Advice on analyzing your topics and improving your writing skills.
When I came to to write I discovered, Ironically, that the Identity category had no writers. Clearly I thought, I am in the right place. If you sometimes feel that you have important questions but get mostly blank stares, off the wall opinions or silence in response the...
Looking good can also lead to a maxed out credit card. Here is how to not go into complete debt and still look like a proper fashionista.
Tips to ponder and to consider about improving yourself.
in need of some plus size style? this article will give you the tricks and tips to looking just as good as the next girl.
The New look of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's front woman, Karen O - Karen O's manic style for better or worse.
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