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We all need to be in the driver's seat of life, otherwise we are all unwilling passengers on even the most desirable trip as many can tell by so many monetarily and financially rich people "with it all" needing to go to psychiatrists and therapists. That driver's seat starts with a go...
This article was inspired by an article of Steve's about our shadow side. The ego is the part of us that identifies with the body and therefore feels very threatened in this big uncontrollable world.
MODE of Cosmic Therapy Email O Gram Invitation: You Seek in Vain for Esoteric Beauty and Grace You Will Not Express. Your soul cries for creative sacred sensual sexual artistic expression. The day and hour has arrived to lift the viel of mysteriously locked subconscius motivations. A...
Have you ever told yourself over and over not to do something, only to end up doing it? Have you ever told somebody to stop smoking, only to have them smoke more? The reason for this is because the subconscious mind is fooled by the negative words, and ignores them.
It is my believe the we have two conscious minds, the one we use during our normal day to day routines, one that has the capacity to remember and to learn
Learn how to program your subconscious mind so you start getting what you want as a writer.
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