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You are no stranger to these phenomena since you have gained cognition about world around you. Signs of awareness would have struck when you were in crib probably, or in the womb maybe. Naa! you were not that smart, so crib it is.
A brief explanation of the idea of the Moon Sign in western astrology.
Our imagination is a very powerful tool for us to use, but is there something even greater than this, that we can also use to obtain insight, understanding, and to solve our problems with? This writer claims that faith is such a tool!
Some will tell you that consciousness is the great illusion. Others will state that we must grow our consciousness until it reaches the ultimate state called God consciousness. This somewhat controversial article claims that both of these views are the wrong view. Read on and observe...
One thing is to believe on a conscious level, the other is the subconscious
Admittedly, the Mancharians speak not on easily comprehensible guttural tones from the labyrinth of the Universe where there are no languages except frequencies and vibrations that carry the messages through telepathy directly to the mind. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Do we forget all lessons learned and experiences accumulated as we reincarnate through the physical process of rebirth? Captain James Galiac Sananda talks about the conscience, the DNA, and the subconscious or intuition where all past memories are stored. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Corte...
Back in the hippy days and they were great...we spoke about the Age of Aquarius and here we be in it...and the song here tells all about it...enjoy!!!
These are some of my personal experiences, which I am going to start with my teenage years and continue on section after section.
We often wonder at ourselves, our thoughts, feelings and how our sub/unconscious works...this is about that and more. How love and hatred can cause many terrible things in many ways.
This is a brief discussion about dreams and their possible meanings.
This is a short article on the meaning of naked dreams.
What is the hidden message of opposite sex dreams?
What fantasies are played out within a woman's mind when she is at the whim of her dreams as she slumbers? Maybe never expressed in the light of day, but when she sleeps...Ah then she succumbs...
This poem is meant to let people realize that anything can happen while you sleep. Do you believe?
People often say that our mind is an amazing organ. Imagine one day we can do something unique and special with our mind.
This is a poem about a writer's job to inspire different emotions from the readers.
You haven't been able to recognize the vibrantly pulsating musical artistic face you've always hidden because it was easier to assign those elements of bold, artistic, funny, and daring sexual assertive displays in yourself to others.
This brief article is about dreams, and it's purpose is to get the reader to examine their own dreams.
This one is strange; wrought from the oddities of my subconscious, I believe. Inspiration was derived from a hair-clasp sitting on my desk and from conflicts within me; past pain and allusions to a friend at the fore of my mind. Five lines per stanza? Why not.
What does the term 'incurable romantic' mean to you? Do you consider yourself one? How often do you think of the times when you've supposedly been done wrong in one of your relationships? This little tidbit of MODE of Cosmic Therapy esoteric psycho-analytic insight might offer a new v...
Going down into the perverbial 'rabbit hole' requires courage, along with the undaunted desire to learn and grow. It means to let go of the idea of who you think you are in order to find out what may be a more accurate depiction of your soul's intent. Nothing works as well as leaping ...
A late-night poem, born of lack of sleep and thought soup.
Have you ever told yourself over and over not to do something, only to end up doing it? Have you ever told somebody to stop smoking, only to have them smoke more? The reason for this is because the subconscious mind is fooled by the negative words, and ignores them.
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