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Loving without borders and waiting for immediate returns or favors is the key to a better world. Why not we take the logical step than waiting endlessly for others to do so? It is time to be less judgmental and do what comes naturally to us to make a better world.
We are all One in levels above the we can there be whom We truly that may bother many but one day when 'you get clear' you will know of what I write..blessings...
There really is no thing to fear for fear is of the negative worlds and you can only live in the blessedness of rightness where knowing and joy reside...give up that that does not work for you and go into the bliss of being You...
Another tale I have to tell how imagery will take you to places sometimes divine. Yet the journey is closer than your next breath!! just keep breathing...enjoy
Have you shopped till you dropped...wined and ready to journey to the divine that on and find out for yourself....
This could be an starts off with ugliness and ends up as beauty...a journey all of us must take no matter who we think we are...for from the depths we rise always in all on and enjoy!
Within us is the ability to transcend the body. A gift bestowed on all and used by so few yet such a magical journey lifting above the form of man transcending time and space all...enjoy
This piece accomplishes two things. First, you learn how much writing means to me Secondly, I give you a taste of a run of the mill paragraph (that I created just for this example), and follow up with a paragraph that basically says the same thing. However, I hope that you will see t...
As a one of the many writers here on this great site I am sure we often wonder where our next inspiration will come from. Sometimes that can lead us into temptations of the the creative emptiness within is a starting on..
Stress is all too common for many. When this leads to burnout for some, not all of them bounce back to reality. The only peace they find, is in their dreams.
Pity it be for man who knows not what he does..allowing the negative forces to influence and overtake his life with all their blandishments...are you one of them...
There really is no from from in loving let us all be as One and celebrate this coming holiday season with each other..
One day we will all recognize the Divine One that is within us all. We will experience the Twaji the gaze of God and we will return from whence we came. This is about a seeker who traversed much to be who she is today.
The mission She has been given through Cosmic Creation to bring all Souls back into the Oneness. How Her doubt created an eternal moment of chaos and how the Mighty One dealt with this.
Carol found a mysterious mail in her mailbox. What role did she partake in relation to this mail? A breathtaking unique love story.
We can all look back to where we came from and how we were and then trace our journey into now...and where we want to go...if we will
This is a short poem with a long message. A message as long as life itself. How we deal with our minds, our memories, our existence will affect how we feel. We cannot escape our reality; our life's experiences and memories will forever be a part of us.
Longinus describes five sources of sublimity--"great thoughts,strong emotion,certain figures of thought and speech,noble diction and dignified word arrangement."
God has created man.Man is a creature who is able to understand and think .God has offered everything to man,which he desires.But the supreme power keeps man under His control by not giving him the most noteworthy thing,that is ''rest''.
Heart is not only made up of just flesh, blood and nerves! It’s made of many things that cannot be sensed by a stethoscope or an X-ray camera!
I pray for the eternal world peace. All of you are my soulmates.
A moment so captivating, showing that effect of the power of a human activity. So compelling
Just no words that describe this beauty, I hope they gute lot :)
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