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A continuation of a retrospective view of African history. This time, it is based on the Second Sudanese Civil War which began in 1983
Continuing a look back at African history, today's analysis and commentary will be based on the First Sudanese Civil War, which took place from 1955 and ended in 1972.
The practice of female genital mutilation still goes on in parts of the African world. It is time this procedure is stopped.
Many of the events that occurred parting parts of the world to coincide with January 1st. But, you know when a new year which falls annually on January 1st was first celebrated? Historically January 1st year 45 BC, for the first time in history, January 1st is celebrated as New Year's...
Sudan is known for its human rights violations and is designated a Tier 1 country by the US State Department. Christians are persecuted heavily in this country. Read about the situation here.
Meriam Ibrahim's case caught the world's attention. However, hers is not the only one. There is another woman, Faiza Abdallah, who faces an eerily similar situation.
Meriam Yahia Ibrahim became a household name when Sudan imprisoned her for her faith. Pregnant, and innocent, she was convicted of adultery and apostasy, then sentenced to 100 lashes and death by hanging. International outcry saved this woman. Read about her case.
sudan sudan please stop fighting.persona here is an angry or mentally tormented neighbour who had helped her stop war.its kenya.poem tries to explain mood of kenyans and the world because of the new tribal war
So that was that! It was a leap year full of hopes and expectations; sadness’s and joys this is an assemblage of news items you might have missed and some we all wish just never happened at all, I wish we could all work to make 2013 a better year but nevertheless I wish all our read...
The continued and increasing existence of slavery in the World today
Please, spare a thought for Nigeria and Nigerians and help us pray to avert the calamity that may befall us. Many have died and more will die. Will you just look on and do nothing? Spare a thought and a prayer for Nigeria today. Thanks in advance for your prayers.
Sudan has been divided after a bitter war, but dating sites continue to flourish there.
Ice Cream in a Bag Anyone? What about ice cream in a bag? O, what a shock!!
These are some of the Famous People Who Died On January 8th in history
About 8 million people should decide whether to remain united to the north of the country or if the implementation of secession. In the game of oil wealth
With all the attention focused on the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Korea since the attack of September 11th, Americans and much of the world seem quite confident where the next terrorist threat lies. We’re carefully watching Iran’s Ahmadinejad, Pakistan’s Zardari, India’s...
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