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We are in the grip of a heatwave, which in England is rare. We need to take care of ourselves, our children, and all our furry friends. Read on to find out more.
Poems for a rainy, melancholy day or for asking questions that have no answers
I have completed Race for Life 3 times and am due to do so again on 30th May 2015. In 2013, I was asked to give a speech for the 2,000 plus women and their supporters before the start of the Race for Life in Clapham Common. I was terrified, but somehow in spite of my nerves, pulled it...
A challenge given to me by a fellow writer, became this...
Emotional pain is very real, it is extremely distressing, and experienced by all of us at one point or another, here I share my tips on coping and working through it.
Understanding human suffering is important, because it is a fact that we can not avoid it. Precisely in the secular world believed no crisis no growth
A poem detailing what happens when trust is broken time and again and all the pain, heart ache, suffering that the lies will bring.
This article talks about war, how war changes and destroys life and persuades many with false promises. War is destruction, war is endless corruption and we should all fight to put an end to it for a better world!
in our life often we ask God why you allow this to me.there is no victory without suffering. God has a plan and a purpose for you.
Parenting may be considered as a toughest phase in life. During this phase both the partners are very much active and self-reliant. They try to discharge their duties seriously and meticulously so that the assigned responsibilities are properly attended to.
There are some of us who travel through outer realms to help others in many different is our commitment and our joy to do...some won't believe but it still goes on....
The word angel is derived from the Greek word Angelos which simply means messenger, and it is a spirit with no body. Guardian angels are believed to be intellectual by nature, powerful by will, and holy.
Now's the time to step back and ask yourself if you really, truly care about others. If you see someone is in need what do you do? We all can only do so much and then comes God, as they say, but how much do we really care about other peoples' suffering?
suffering in this undeserving world you all call life, trying to see light, feeling so alone
Suffering is a part of every life. Even Jesus suffered much for us on the cross. Our body is real, more real than being just a shadow self. We feel pain and suffering to make parts of love more real in their meaning. We then grow in the wisdom of love's truths in our souls.
poem about a girl that used to lie with her mom as she was very sick watching her for so long and hating to see her mother in pain well she was always thinking about killing herself because she felt trapped .
Buddha urged us to take a middle path and accept suffering as part and parcel of life. Have we made progress to find a way out of this vicious cycle? It is time we got our priorities right.
Life is full of surprises. You never know what will happen in the next few seconds of your life. You never thought that a one fine day could actually turn out to be your worst nightmare ever.
There are many myths surrounding Asthma and people tend to fear and take far too many precautions therby making the person suffering from Asrhma become even more stressed which slowly deteriorates the quality of life of the person suffering from Asthma.
I met a girl in her teens. She carved her name on the tablet of my life.
The Mancharians touch upon the "Living Word," as the Master is depicted in the Bible, the concept of "whole truth," arrived at as one approaches Creator-hood and the question of why the good and righteous experience suffering. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
A vote of hope and mercy for those who suffer the pain not only of their illness, but the heartache of abandonment.
Many years ago I started suffering from horrendous migraine headaches, and my doctor prescribed numerous medications to try and help me, unfortunately, he provided me with very strong pain meds and to make a long story short, I became addicted to prescription pain meds, and my life ch...
a poem about the cornish landscape and surviving trauma
Another dark poem expressing anger at myself and the society i live in
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