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One month to write a novel, surely an impossible challenge? That is what I thought before starting out on this month long writing task, yet as I get to the end, both in terms of time, the number of words written, and the natural end of the story which is now reaching a climax I look a...
Hark back to the year 2013. An Online writing site was making waves, and doing the unthinkable till upto that time. It was paying people a great amount of money for writing Minimum 400 character Posts(akin to short articles or Blogs), sharing, commenting and Liking others' posts. Peop...
people study in a nation, get higher studies and get top ranks and go to other nations for Job. Are we just sitting there to educate you? we want you to be a literate ,young force who can inspire others but Alas, every developing country faces this...Brain Drain.
Basketball is a fascinating game. However, it has little or no place for short people. Here are some suggestions to make it all inclusive.
Document Signed Maxwell AF3 A / s 35112 August 8, 1958 In this document which bears the title of "UFO PROGRAM", the author gives a brief history about UFOs, and states that this history can help people better understand the problem of the UFOs sightings.
Before donating any food to a Food Bank please consider that donating junk food is not doing them any service. I suppose people donate junk food because they think it is a nice treat for the poor, but this junk food is unhealthy and causing health issues, even obesity, in people who ...
My wife's death has put an end to my writing. I want to restart it and seek the help of my writer friends at wikinut.
This isn’t about feelings of melancholia or unhappiness; those would be easier to handle. This is about Seasonal Affective Disorder. From someone who knows.
Every woman is different; if they were all the same, you wouldn't be interested in this one in particular, now would you? There are as many different ways to attract a woman as there are women, so let's go over some basic rules that will win over any woman worth getting.
The New Year is at the dawn. The passing year 2012 is slipping into history with some unhealthy memories. It had been a year of Doomsday. It had smudged the pages of history with blood marks of shootings and massacres. Let us wish for a healthier New Year-- physically and mentally hea...
A few suggestions on stocks to invest in, and some companies that are doing quite well for themselves.
This is a poetry challenge anyone can take part in, it should be a fun exercise and showcase for your talents.
This page is about taking our own decision, don't take other persons suggestion if you don't have more knowledge about that matter
It is not easy to publish your first book. But you can do it if you know how.
Discusses the writing of Jayne Krentz and suggests others who write in the same style.
Wikinut has everything it needs but not a forum. Read this article to see my suggestion.
I have once read this list of “tips for girls with regards to relationship” long time ago, in one of my friend’s bulletin at Friendster. Out of boredom, I have jotted down my thoughts regarding them and came up with this that I might as well share to you.
We eat 10 to 20 times more salt than is needed. High blood pressure, heart failure, and stroke are among the sad results. By avoiding highly salted foods and reeducating ourselves to enjoy meals with little or no salt, we take a giant step toward better health.
A look at people who live (and love) to criticize others. Why do they do it, and how should we react?
Indiscriminately surfing internet can create spyware, adware and virus experience to Internet surfers. Many people think spyware as computer viruses and become confuse with it. A virus is actually made to cause damage to computer, and spread throughout the computer by email and other ...
Here is a few ideas for the couples that want their wedding to be as personal as they are. Share some of your special life moments with your guests at the wedding by personally creating some treats for you and your guests.
Read about how to mine Google itself for words and phrases to target, and work through a 5 minute example.
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