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Researches has shown that every death that is been committed to day, almost 200 individuals have made series of attempt, while more than 300 people have the mind to commit suicide.
Have you EVER thought about taking your life? Perhaps you have. We all have low points. Right now, this author is literally climbing out of a really low point . . .
The short story is about a man who depends upon an imaginary character to live with the hard facts of his life. It reaches a point where the imaginary character controls every move made by the man. The story ends with the man on the verge of lunacy
people with disabilities have quite enough to do worry about without having to worry about the attitudes of able-bodied people toward disabilities. Yet that attitude often poses more problems for people with disabilities than do their own disabilities. This article explores w...
Why do we place a higher importance on physical pain than emotional pain? If you were disabled by a disability that was non-life threatening, could you tell with living that way?
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